Saturday, September 30, 2006

Early results somewhat meaningless

Jason Cherniak ( is making a big deal of Dion's momentum having come in second after the first night of voting.

However, we need to put this inperspective. This weekend will elect ~85% of delegates. The other 15% are ex-officio and technically undeclared.

Last night ~15% of the 85% were elected. I.e. only 12.75% of delegates have been elected.

Here are the results so far in the grand picture.

To be elected 72.25%
Undeclared 15.38%
Ignatieff 3.57%
Dion 2.42%
Rae 2.30%
Kennedy 1.79%
Brison 1.02%
Dryden 0.77%
Volpe 0.51%
Hall Findlay 0.26%

So, essentially, let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Iggy has problems. He may look ahead at this time but it won't be very long. Anyone who is Harper's favourite must not lead Liberal party.

Anonymous said...

A Question if someone has the answer.

Why Conservative types are so paranoid that they have this haloscan on their blogs to get information on those who leave comments??

May be NBPolitico you want to do a blog on the paranoia of Cons. Look at Harper the way he has duct taped his cabinet members and his caucus in general. What is in their psyche that they do that?