Friday, September 29, 2006

Cabinet comparisons

The Times & Transcript released today their guesses at who will be in Tuesday's cabinet. I was quite specific and forced myself to make some tough calls, where they did a lot of "maybe this or maybe that". So I've lined up our comparisons in the following table.

I've listed my thoughts followed by theirs and then whether or not we match. The match column can be the obvious yes or no, but also "maybe" in cases where the T&T has two guesses and one of them matches.

On a few occassions they suggested a minister I didn't think would be in and vice versa, in these cases the portfolio is listed as "n/a".

There is a blank column I'll come back and update after Tuesday to see who was right. (update - table completed on Oct 3)


We agree on a surprisingly high 4 ministers with another 3 maybes. Considering this is wholly guess work it is impressive to have any matches at all which suggests that perhaps those will be bang on the money.

I think Cheryl Lavoie will be in the cabinet while they do not. They think either Stuart Jamieson or Jack Keir will be in while I think neither will be and they also think Denis Landry will be in which I do not.


MLAnbpolitico saysT&T saysAgree?Right?
Hédard AlbertReg Dev CorpFisheriesNoboth wrong
Donald ArseneaultNatural ResourcesTourismNoI'm right
Victor BoudreauEducationEducation or HealthMaybeboth wrong
T.J. BurkeTransportation / Supply+Serv / Abo AffsJusticeNoT&T right
Greg ByrneFinanceBusinessNoT&T right
Dr. Ed DohertyCommunity Srvs / HousingCommunity Srvs / HousingYesboth wrong
Rick DoucetAgri&AquaAgri&AquaYesboth wrong
John ForanPublic SafetyPublic SafetyYesboth right
Roland HachéHealthTransportationNoboth wrong
Stuart Jamiesonn/aEnvironmentNoboth wrong, but T&T had him in cabinet
Jack Keirn/aEnvironmentNoboth wrong, but T&T had him in cabinet
Kelly LamrockHouse Leader / Higher EducationHigher Education or HealthMaybeboth wrong
Denis Landryn/anot specifiedNoT&T right to have him in cabinet, but didn't specify job
Cheryl LavoieWellness / Seniorsn/aNoT&T sort of right in that they didn't specify a minister and it went to the premier
Bernard LeBlancLocal Governmentn/aNoT&T right not to include him in cabinet
Roly MacIntyreEnergyEnergyYesboth wrong
Mike MurphyJusticeJustice or FinanceMaybeboth wrong
Ronald OueletteEnvironment / Populationnot specifiedNoboth wrong though T&T didn't specify
Carmel RobichaudFisheriesWomenNoT&T sort of right, but they didn't include her main portfolio
Mary SchryerBusiness / WomenLocal GovernmentNoboth wrong


Harrap said...

Byrne in Business New Brunswick??? T&T is way off, he's definitely getting Finance imo.

Though I think T&T could be onto something with TJ Burke in Justice as he was Justice Critic for a while.

Regarding one of your earlier blogs, how Weir ensured no other Dippers got elected to the Legislature... you think she did this on purpose? The only incident that comes to my mind is the Millie Augustine nomination fiasco...

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that Carmel Robichaud will get something else than Fisheries or Women's(the riding has already received a Fisheries Minister during Camille Thériault's short reign and I doubt that Shawn Graham will make that mistake again).She will either have Education or Family & Community Services or Employment Development or Agriculture & Aquaculture(Miramichi Bay is by the way the leading centre in NB of suspended oyster farming operations). But, maybe Graham will offer her a small portfolio and the Northern Development Fund. Giving her a small portfolio without some power influence such as that Fund will be seen by northern Acadian women as an affront.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to bet my home that Lamrock is Education; Byrne is Business NB and Burke is Justice! Any takers?

just driving by said...

How nice is your home, anon 9:05? :)

nbpolitico said...

Anon at 9:05 was right on the button. Will s/he reveal him/herself???