Thursday, September 07, 2006

New feature

I am adding a new feature to the seat projections. After each update, I will post a colour-coded riding map.

Dark Blue for Safe PC seats
Dark Red for Safe Liberal seats
Pastel Blue for lean PC seats
Pastel Red for lean Liberal seats
Grey for seats that are too close to call

I will post the map with the posts in which I make projection adjustments and the current map will be displayed on the bar to the right below the table with the current numbers.

Here is the map for the September 7 update:


Anonymous said...

Ok, I need to have a say!

You should defintly reconsider riding 27 as predicting a PC win, I am a volunteer and we (Liberals) are doing a great job! We have heard nothing but people wanting a change in Albert, including people who voted PC the last time. Plus we do not have an NDP person running either.

You are right to say that riding 31 will be in the red! (That's my father!)

I'm glad I found this blog from the newspaper today, now I'll be in touch!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:50pm
Tell your father he'll be in opposition for four more years (if he wins...Fundy Trail and MP Rob Moore could turn the tide in SJ Fundy)...The riding of Albert is a strong PC win...hope you (Liberals) can perform miracles...I was just off the phone with person at Jeanne de Valois - at the debate...Lord pulled in a big win!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Lord pulled in a big win!!!!" Dream on, and dream on. You must be down. It helps to cheer yourself up but dream is a dream is a dream.

Anonymous said...

Lord pulled off a big win? Seeing as no one was allowed inside the debate, it seems to me that PC supporters are trying to convince people that he won without the proof to back it up!

I am waiting until the airing of the debate to form my thoughts. But Shawn has gained a lot of experience, and I doubt that Lord would have been able to score a 'big win' over him. Especially since he wasn't able to do so in 2003. Lord is way too open to criticism on too many files, for him not to get knocked a bit tonight. Looking forward to a good debate!

Brian said...


I was reading on the site, which track elections across Canada and they have seat predictions up there too. As of Aug 30th, no update since they are predicting PC 38 seats, Liberals 16, and NDP 1.

nbpolitico said...

I've seen that brian, their projections however are just plugging the polls into a province wide seat model which isn't very effective.

It suggests that if the polls show the Liberals down 3 points versus the result of the last election then the Liberals slip 3 points in every riding. Not likely.