Monday, September 18, 2006

Election Day

Thank you one and all who have been reading my blog since I started about six weeks ago. I really am amazed at the number of people who have dropped by and read and especially those who have taken the time to comment either on the blog or by email.

For those of you who have enjoyed the blog, do not worry, I am sticking around with a bit more broader scope than just New Brunswick politics.

But, that is not the purpose of this post.

The polls will be opening shortly. For those of you who voted by advanced or special ballot, good on you for doing your civic duty. For those who haven’t, please make sure you take the time to vote. The polls are open until 8 p.m. and I implore you all to exercise your democratic rights. There is no excuse for being too busy. Under section 86 of the Elections Act you are entitled to “three consecutive hours for the purpose of casting (your) vote” (

For those of you who are not living in New Brunswick, please make sure you remind your friends and family of the importance of voting. In the last election, quite a number of ridings were decided by less than 100 votes. Your vote does count.

If you do not like any of your candidates, send the system a message by spoiling your ballot.

To all of the candidates who have put their names on the line in the name of democracy, I say thank you and wish the best of luck.


nbpolitico said...

PLEASE NOTE: This post is about the importance of voting and democracy. Any and all partisan posts here will be deleted as I want this to be a reminder to all New Brunswickers that regardless of partisan stripe, we are all keen supporters of the political process who respect the views of others and encourage them to exercise their democratic rights.

Alvy Singer said...

It is very important that you vote today. Thanks to the first past the post electoral system, nearly half of the votes cast today will matter. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hey, NB Politico enjoyed your blog very much. Great work. I have been regular visitor and left many comments.

Yes I agree electorate must exercise their right today. Please vote.

Brent said...

The people are always right!

Good luck to everyone, and me too, lol.

Alvy Singer said...

I didn't mean to sound so glib. Please vote. Please vote for the candidate/party that you support.

nbpolitico said...

Best of luck to you Brent!

scott said...

Hear, hear nbpolitico! Or as it really means "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!"

nbpolitico said...

LOL thanks Scott and also thanks to anon at 10:01 for the compliments :)

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty thorough blog, well done. I loved the first past the post comment, not glib at all, so true, so true. I'm thinking you're the fellow with the "first pass the toast" blog, most people have no idea what that refers to. I hope you'll join me after the election in our lobby for proportional representation (either getting ready for the referendum or lobbying the liberals).

But getting LESS interested in the political process certainly won't bring about any change. Just remember, spoiling a ballot is a long cherished opinion, if none of the three parties speak for you, by all means don't support them.

It's unfortunate that the blog is going 'broader than NB politics'. What New Brunswick needs is a decent venue for NB politics, there is already lots of national, regional, and international coverage in various places, but there's a reason your average New Brunswicker can't name three pieces of legislation being debated or what any individual said during question period, or any idea what the various organizations in the province are trying to get accomplished. Maybe someday.

nbpolitico said...

Anon at 3:18 - I am going to continue to focus on New Brunswick politics, but I will spread my wings to include federal politics, some international politics and the last few months of the federal Liberal leadership race.

I actual am not supportive of the PR model proposed and will be lining up on the other side of the campaign that you and my friend Alvy are intending to support.

Lee said...

I have really enjoyed the blogs during this election.
1 1/2 hour left to vote. If you haven't gone, get goin'