Friday, September 29, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Liberal Party fines Joe Volpe $20,000

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Volpe was fined for allowing his volunteers to pay for memberships of new signups despite rules to the contrary. They are not disqualifying him from the race because a) he and his campaign did not directly break the rules; b) his name is on the ballot this weekend.

If he does not pay the $20,000 within 30 days, then he is out of the race.


Erie Girl said...

So how does Ignatieff gets off with no investigation????

Hi team signed up 11 people at a restaurant in Brampton.

Why were they allowed to 'register' to vote in Ruby Dhalla's riding even though they don't live there?? Stacking the vote illegally has to be an 'anomoly', I guess just not in the liberal party.

nuna d. above said...

Kennedy supporters were using a bus to transport voters, which is banned by Liberal rules. TDH Strategies writes about this on his website. Volpe should write a check, call a press conference and tell the Liberal party he will hand it over when the others have been disciplined as well.