Friday, August 25, 2006

Sign update

I am in Moncton now where signs are up everywhere. The Tories have their bigger signs up here (before I'd seen only 8x8) and it has essentially the same stuff on it so it seems less cluttered. It is however still busier than the sleek Liberal signs.

Mike Murphy is the only Liberal that seems to have signs up yet but the Liberals also have their Orimulsion and job creation "issue" signs up.


Sara G said...

You can always count on Moncton for littering the area with signs. You always know when an election is going on in Moncton unlike the rest of the province that seems to be yawning through the first week.

Heard Mike M has a run for his money and apparently Joan M-S is a little slow on the campaign trail as she isn't feeling well and awaiting gallbladder surgery.

Anonymous said...

I hope M-S has successful surgery and she gets better.

As far as politics is concerned she should give it a second thought. It is not her cup of tea. She was a failure as a minister whether it was family and community services or tourism.

Anonymous said...

Joan McAlpine Stiles is one of the best constiuency MLA's there is in New Brunswick. She's at absolutely everywhere. If there's an issue, her constituency office, or even herself will get in touch with you. As for her being a poor cabinet minister....nonsense, she's in cabinet for a reason, and that reason is because she is a very competent minister!

Anonymous said...

That reason is a quota from Moncton for cabinet. She is one of the most incompetent ministers. Since Mr. Lord, or Premier of Moncton, dumps millions of tax dollars in Moncton thus she and him continue to get elected. It amounts to buying elections.

Anonymous said...

“According to pollster Craig Wight, vice-president of research for Omnifacts Bristol Research, federal-provincial relations may not be as important of an issue for voters as Lord seems to think it is".
As reported in Telegraph.
In the meantime Lord continues to brag that how chummy he is with Harper. That should make him popular with Bush and not with NBers I hope.