Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Northwest NB

I was in the ridings of Edmundston-St. Basile, Restigouche-la-Vallee, Grand Falls-Drummond-St. Andre and Victoria-Tobique today.

The only election signs I saw up were some for Tory candidate Chris McLaughlin who could only win the seat in a McKenna-esque sweep for Lord.

No one seems to know who the man is and from what I hear he may actually live in GF-D-StA. One resident of the riding asked rhetorically "what could he promise us? To make sure our hospitals close?"

The sign in Liberal HQ says "making job creation a priority again". In Perth-Andover, Tory HQ is twice the size of the Liberals but in Plaster Rock there doesn't even seem to be a Tory office.

Humourously, Liberal HQ in Plaster Rock is in the same building as Service New Brunswick. One must assume SNB rents their space!


Anonymous said...

So SNB does provide some service. You never know what you may find when you are travelling around.

Anonymous said...

Tid bits from the media:

Lord is bleeding on the campaign trail as in Telegraph:

Poirier pricked Lord's finger to check his blood sugar in front of the Canadian Diabetes Association office in downtown Fredericton, where Lord announced his Conservative party's latest platform plank on Wednesday morning.

Lord victim of his own blunders as in the Gleaner:

Trapped in traffic

Progressive Conservative Leader Bernard Lord's campaign bus was a victim of his highway-improvement policy Tuesday.

The big blue Tory bus was held up in traffic for about 10 minutes on the way from campaigning in Saint John to a meeting with seniors in Oromocto.

There was a long line of traffic backed up by the paving work where the road narrowed to one lane.

The Tories often call highway work an investment in strategic infrastructure.

Alflucky said...

Actually, Chris lives in the Plaster Rock area, so maybe you should check your sources. Also, Chris has an office in Plaster Rock it is across from the Save Easy. This riding may be a surprise as it gained seats from Carleton County (mostly blue). As far as the hospital goes, McKenna wanted to close this hospital completely when he was in power. many people forget this, I however, have not!

Anonymous said...

Lord's screwed in northern NB. He cut 1/3 of the hospital beds in northern NB with his "Health Plan". He commented during those cuts that if he would have gotten more PC support in the region, things would be different.

I don't think they're going to let him finish them off.