Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Posting from the road


Some excitement for you (or for me anyway!). I am advised that I can rig this up to post by email and have done so. Here is my first post from the road.

As I travel around on holiday over the next few weeks I'll post by mail and provide you updates on things I notice all around the picture province. (Election related of course)



MonctonLandlord said...

Have a great vacation, hope that you will be back in time to vote.

More than ever, every vote counts, with so many undecided voters, we can count on another close call.

We need a drastic change in policy by any party, to get a majority, none of the 2 leaders have the foresight to do this, this time anyway.

Speaking of leaders, for the first time, I saw an interview with the leader of the NDP on CTV yesterday, and Steve Murphy grilled her, she wasn't ready for any question asked. Well, I applaud the initiative and guts to get in politics, Allison Brewer does not have any qualities of a leader, none! She, however, would have made a great campaign helper, she is sincere, and has a great smile. Too bad the wrong people are leading parties.

Spinks said...

Brewer was actually better than I thought and smarter. Although I don't believe it for two seconds she downplayed abortion and homosexuality during the interview big time. This is a far different Allison Brewer than a few years ago who came off as brash and abrasive towards those who disagreed with her. Much more diplomatic. Someone has been taking some media courses.

Anonymous said...

Spinks, by any chance were you in my media course class. Sounds so familiar:)

NBpolitico, have a great vacation. Keep sendig these e-mails though. It is a good discussion going on here. I will do some further research as to which party Bernard Lord will join after he crosses the floor. Hey! that should bring some excitement in an otherwise quiet province. :)

Alvy Singer said...

Have a great vacation and be sure to provide us with updates on your riding predictions!

Anonymous said...

I did do some further research on Bernie and I was wrong. He does not want to be the minister Wellness. He prefers being the Speaker of the House. Salary is acceptable and it is more independent. More details latter as they become available.