Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A few knocks on Lord and then I'm outta here

I forgot to comment yesterday that I was rather amused by a couple knocks on Lord. A while a go a commenter came after me on my claim that Lord wasn't popular in the north. Well, according to yesterday's papers, it seems he isn't. He was at a big rally for Paul Robichaud and Robichaud forgot to introduce him. People started to file out and Robichaud went back to the podium to say the premier was to speak. Apparently, people continued to file out and a reporter heard one person say that they had no interest hearing from the likes of Bernard Lord. And this was at a Tory rally!

The only one was the Tory candidate in Nigadoo-Chaleur has apparently ordered and put up non-standard campaign signs. What is non standard? They lack the picture of the premier and "Team/Equipe Lord" slogan.

Also in today's papers and since the election began, I've noted that Lord has repeatedly referred to Shawn Graham as simply "Shawn". Never "Shawn Graham", never "Mr. Graham", never "the leader of the opposition" or "the leader of the Liberal Party". This is clearly a part of a plan by the Tories to paint Graham as a weak leader in that they are not taking him seriously. A warning to my Tory friends, you tried this in 2003 and look where it got you.

The Tories like to think that the 2003 election was a fluke based on auto insurance. I say that is a load of bull. Auto insurance helped the Liberals and got them to, maybe, 15 seats. But the really clincher was the fact that though Shawn Graham comes off as pretty weak in the House and in scrums, he is really good with people. That and the Liberals ran an awesome campaign.

The reverse is true for Lord. He comes off as smart and in command of his files in the House and in scrums, but on the campaign trial he is aloof and often has the "deer-in-headlight" look when questioned by common folk.

Shawn Graham won 26 seats last time by having the common touch, Lord painting Graham as a common man helps the Liberal cause not the other way around.

This is it for me for a while folks. I am going on vacation until Labour Day. I'll try to post here and there but I won't be able to do so on a daily basis as I have been.


Anonymous said...

Fun has just begun and you are leaving. Anyway enjoy vacation.

Lord is going on a very long vacation in political no-man’s-land. And not only voters in the North but also whole New Brunswick need a break from him and his bungles.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Bernard Lord is so unhappy with his current caucus that after this election, when he is unable to form government, he is contemplating to cross the floor?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, he's going to join the NDP!

Anonymous said...

Hey they will need a new leader after the election. Bernie likes to be the leader. Sounds good.

But rumours are that he is going over to Liberals. He wants to be Minister of Wellnes. That will give him good health.

nbpolitico said...

I also remember Lord saying once on the floor of the legislature that though he once belonged to the NDP he was never a Liberal.

Perhaps he will "phone home" and join the Dippers.

Harrap said...

Wonderful blog and very informed -- a great source of commentary on the election.

I'm glad someone agrees with me that Graham is not a liability to the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people are seriously mislead? Why on earth would Lord leave the PC party seeing as THEY ARE going to win a majority. For those of you that believe such a thing need to take a high school political science class and learn about the political spectrum. Lord will win, and our province is doing better than ever before