Monday, August 28, 2006

Bernard Lord, man of the people?

So I heard Lord on the radio on Saint John's K100.

It is the party's ad, laying out the Tory plan. It was quite long running 45 seconds or maybe a minute.

A couple of comments. Lord doesn't introduce himself. His name isn't mentioned until the very end of the ad when an announcer says "On September 18, vote for Bernard Lord and the PC Team. "

I think this is a mistake as other than political nerds like me, I don't think too many people would recognize Lord's voice.

The other note is that it is clear that the scriptwriter is trying to make Lord sound like a man of the people. Throughout the add Lord uses "in'" instead of "ing".

He kept talking about his government "makin'" things happen. Very out of character for Lord and you could tell. He was stressing the words making it clear that he was forcing himself to say it.

It sounded fake, unprofessional and runs against the Tory strategy of painting Lord as a mature leader. Shawn Graham has got the "man of the people" image down pat and it is probably smart politics for the Tories to make a contrast between Lord and Graham but it is not possible for them to have it both ways.

Bad ad.


Anonymous said...

"Lord sound like a man of the people." That is about all they can do. He never was, and never will be man of the people. Yes he is fake, fake, FAKE.
And this mature in politics:

mature Bernie

Anonymous said...

Nice job on your blog. I'm on hte prairies and it's great to have a connection to events back home. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the americanization of politics. Lord is good friends with conservative politicians all over. Hell, they convinced bonehead americans that George Bush, an ivy leagued Mainer was a texas ranchin 'man of the people'. Don't underestimate politicians, the smarter they seem, the more the aging electorate are likely to mistrust them. And who knows how boneheaded New Brunswickers may be as well. It's the dark ages of politics, the dumber you sound, the more appealing you are.

That may not actually be a bad thing, as it could be that populations think of 'smartass leaders' as more likely to make decisions that the population wouldn't-and they'd be right. Which means it 'could' be a sign that canadians are finally looking for 'representatives' and not 'leaders'. Which is a good sign in democracy-but not a good sign for 'leaders' and their little cadre of followers.

Anonymous said...

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