Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bernard Lord and Sigmund Freud

I was very intrigued when a PC Party (newly renamed "Team Lord") news release cited the large length of Bernard Lord's campaign kick off speech (23 minutes). This was a long speech to kick of the campaign which Lord had called due to the small size of his ever shrinking caucus.

Lord, frustrated that he could not control the size of his caucus, that it had shrunk greatly since he came to power and that it was becoming so small that he risked being declared a minorty, called an election. To kick of the election, Lord was quick to point out that the caucus may be small but the forespeech was impressive lasting at 23 minutes.

Hat tip to Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer from whom I stole the idea...


Anonymous said...

Good one. Actually it would look that his head matches with his other part of anatomy or may be they were attached in wrong places. Some kind of birth defect. No treatment for that. He will have to live with it rest of his life. Small-minded or d&^*head Pee-Wee-Bernie. There is nothing he can do about it. Short speeches or long speeches are no cure.

Anonymous said...

Following was in the Telegraph, headline and the reality:

Premier banking on N.B.'s fiscal success

Lord's bland, bureaucratic style may explain why many New Brunswickers draw a blank when asked to list his accomplishments or failures.

In a poll last winter, 60 per cent of respondents either didn't know, or answered nothing,

What financial success though? None exists. Is exaggeration one of the symptoms of the problems pointed under comment #1