Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wyoming result

Here are the results of the Wyoming Caucus where 12 delegates to the Republican National Convention were at stake (compare to 37 in Iowa and again only 12 in New Hampshire):

Romney 8
Thompson 3
Hunter (!?) 1

I doubt this will get much coverage or give Romney much of a boost but it is interesting that Huckabee seems to have gotten no boost there from his Iowa win.


nbt said...

Romney got slaughtered in the debate tonight. I think this is the last state that he will show decently in. And I only say that because of his commitment of time and resources in NH over the summer and fall.

Fred Thompson and McCain were impressive though. However, the immigration issue hurts Johny boy when he has to defend his legislative record. And Freddy just may be too late to the game to make a serious push.

Guilliani?? His 50 state strategy isn't dead yet, but Huckabee sure is.

nbpolitico said...

Hard to say about Huckabee. It looks like a win in NH and Michigan for McCain though and the death of Romney as you suggest.

It will likely come down to a Huckabee-Thompson-McCain three way in South Carolina. If Giuliani is smart, he will go all in in Nevada, a state where he has a chance and from which the others will be distracted, to keep himself relevant.

Last polls (pre-Iowa) had Huckabee ahead in SC so it should turn out to be a very interesting race there.