Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Praucus (or Caumary) Day

Today is the first day that more than one state will vote (only for Republicans though) so what we've got is all kinds of chance for extra spin and excitement. I posted my predictions Wednesday and Thursday. I'll round them up here for your benefit.


Obama 35
Edwards 32
Clinton 30

Romney 41
McCain 20
Giuliani 10
Thompson 10
Huckabee 10
Paul 9

South Carolina:

McCain 37
Huckabee 24
Romney 19
Thompson 12
Paul 4
Giuliani 4

Have fun watching day!


nbt said...

Well, I guess giving 19% to Edwards was a little too high after all. Although, he did suffer a blowout (like I said) and he will probably have to drop out of the race earlier than he anticipated.

I can [also] take come consolation in predicting the spreads between first and second place finishers in both the Democratic Nevada caucus and the Republican SC primary:

[7%] 6% dems
[2%] 3% gop (although I had Romney second).

Something I realized was a dumb move a few minutes later after observing the polls. Not that they're to be believed. lol

Anonymous said...

I thought Edwards collapsing would benefit Obama - that the anti-establishment/anti-Hillary vote would coalesce around Obama - but it seems she's picked up some of that support as well.

Obama's a good candidate, but I hope he doesn't make any more stupid remarks about Reagan or not remembering where he put his papers!

nbpolitico said...

Whoopsy for me, having Edwards in second. I'll have a post-mortem up shortly.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you really underestimated Dr. Paul on this one... He came in 2nd with 14 percent of the vote.

How can people be so stupid to vote for these idiots over a man who has delivered thousands of babies and seen even more vaginas?

A man who refuses to submit his country to the debt slavery and police state policies demanded by our New World Order kleptocracy?

Wake up people! Join the Revolution - in New Brunswick and everywhere else!