Thursday, January 10, 2008

Conflict of interest?

So I just finished writing up a post about how Edwards shouldn't be written off yet and then I did my semi-regular read of NB bloggers. Over on Eugene's site, I noticed the ABC Match-O-Matic to indentify one's presidential preference.

It turns out I'm an Edwards guy. Who knew? I was for Biden and now I am confused. If I were a New Hampshire-ite, I would have voted for McCain but mainly because I am now indifferent about who gets the Democratic nomination, think McCain would probably be the best of the Republicans and I would have really wanted to make sure Romney lost.

Anywho, I am for Edwards (who I like at times) first, Clinton (who I think I am leaning to now) second and Richardson (who I can't stand) third.


Anonymous said...

I want Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination, his flip-flops have made him the most entertaining candidate :)

nbt said...

Romney's definitely the candidate of change™. ;)

nbt said...

Romney #1, Biden #2 and Paul #3. How ironic is that!!!

Anonymous said...

Kucinich #1, Gravel #2, and Biden #3... Biden seems to be a generic everyone-likes candidate!