Friday, January 04, 2008

The ugly stepsister

A lot of people who know better, including me, have totally forgotten about the Wyoming Caucus this Saturday. It is a contest only on the Republican side and it has been largely written off by the press because few candidates have campaigned there and only a scarce handful of delegates will be chosen.

However, it could be an interesting storyline. Romney did invest some time there so, will it pay off? If he wins there can he use that to stop some of the hemmoraging from Iowa? If Huckabee wins there after, I'm assuming, not having even campaigned there for a day, is that a harbinger of things to come?

Or is, as the press seems to have assumed, Wyoming irrelevant?


Charles LeBlanc said...

I do have one question?

What's the big cocern over the election in the U.S???

You being brainwash by CNN???


nbpolitico said...

Nope. I am just fascinated by politics and a U.S. presidential election is the most convulted, well covered and intensely fought kind of politics out there.

Charles LeBlanc said...

It is different!! That's for sure!!!

daniel said...

Wyoming's results, despite Team Romney's best efforts, will most likely mirror those of Iowa. Even with all of Huck's early success, though, McCain will become the man to beat after the New Hampshire primaries - Romney was already somewhat deflating in New Hampshire, and his loss in Iowa will only force his numbers down further, while Huckabee will be limited to winning delegate-bereft Bible Belt states. With New Hampshire under his belt, McCain will be well-positioned for Super Duper Tuesday - he's already nipping at Giuliani's toes in some of the national polls, and a convincing win in NH coupled with a second humiliating loss for Giuliani will likely propel McCain to national-frontrunner status.

Anonymous said...

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nbpolitico said...

I agree totally about McCain, Daniel.

Daniel Hambrook said...

Well, I was com-pletely wrong about Wyoming. Mitt Romney absolutely stomped the competition, and the only other candidates (at the time of my typing this) to win any delegates were Fred Thompson and.....Duncan Hunter. Wow.

Not that New Hampshire will notice; McCain has been surging in opinion polls there in the post-Iowa fallout, and his strong debate performance tonight (compared to Romney's lacklustre performance) will only serve to bolster his lead. Not to mention that he's pretty much the only Republican candidate that the MSM actually seems to like (well, excluding Fox News, of course).