Sunday, December 17, 2006

Paul Robichaud, leader of the opposition?

Just because I like to predict things, I am going to predict that the Tories will pick Paul Robichaud as their interim leader on Tuesday.

Why Robichaud? He is charismatic, attractive and young and his English, though still a struggle, is far better than that of Jeannot Volpé. Moreover, Volpé seems to be looking to run for leader, which I think would be a disaster for the Tories so I encourage it, while Robichaud was cited in the Telegraph-Journal as the only PC caucus member definitively ruling out a leadership bid.


Spinks said...

Volpe as leader? Only if the PC's want to be on the outside looking in for a long time. Robichaud as interim? That's not much better. However the PC's choices for someone bilingual are slim.

nbpolitico said...

Agreed, Volpé as leader is like a wet dream for Liberals.

I think Jeannot Volpé as leader would be worse news for the NB Tories than Joe Volpe would have been for the federal Liberals.

He is awful. And language is the least of his problems.

Anonymous said...

Volpe just does not = leadership.