Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dion's shadow cabinet

For fun, I will predict this. I'll assume he doesn't appoint anyone from outside of caucus to the shadow cabinet, though it would make sense on some levels for him to do so for Gerard Kennedy and Martha Hall Findlay, however, if he does that, he would have to do so for Bob Rae as well and then you have perhaps gone a bit too far, especially considering they are all from Ontario and there are a lot of Ontario MPs to choose from.

Outside of the shadow cabinet, I suspect that he will have a big appointment for Gerard Kennedy. Perhaps Deputy Leader of the Party? Certainly something charged with renewal and grassroots empowerment.

Inside, he was supported by only 10 MPs, which means there is certainly room to include them all. I have included most of them, some couldn't fit due to regional accomodations. I will run on the assumption that Dion, as I would, will appoint a lean shadow cabinet that mirrors the government cabinet so as to provide a more focussed opposition and appear election ready.

Here goes the shadow cabinet:

Hon. St├ęphane Dion
Leader of the Official Opposition

Hon. Sue Barnes
National Revenue

Colleen Beaumier
Veterans Affairs

Ken Boshcoff
Intergovernmental Affairs, FEDNOR

Hon. Scott Brison

Bonnie Brown
Human Resources and Social Development

Hon. Gerry Byrne
Fisheries & Oceans

Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh

Hon. Ken Dyrden

Hon. Wayne Easter
Treasury Board, ACOA

Hon. Hedy Fry
Citizenship & Immigration

Hon. Ralph Goodale
Finance, Wheat Board

Sen. Dan Hays
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Michael Ignatieff
Foreign Affairs, International Trade

Hon. Marlene Jennings
Public Safety

Hon. Dominic LeBlanc
Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons

Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Natural Resources and Northern Affairs

Tina Keeper
Canadian Heritage

Gary Merasty
Aboriginal Affairs

Hon. Anita Neville
Western Diversification, Status of Women

Glen Pearson

Hon. Lucienne Robilliard
Public Works and Government Services, La Francophonie and Official Languages

Francis Scarpaleggia
Transport, Infrastructure & Communities, EDA-Q

Paul Steckle
Agriculture and Agri-Food

Hon. Bryon Wilfert

Hon. Joe Volpe
National Defence

Blair Wilson
International Cooperation, Sport


nuna d. above said...

Iggy is a dud in Question Period. And Joe Volpe over Mark Holland or Navdeep Bains or Ruby Dhalla or...

JL said...

Iggy really is bad. He was almost laughed out of the chamber during QP yesterday.

I'm prognosticating now that he will run back to Harvard as fast as he can. (Especially since it seems clear Justin Trudeau will try to win the next leadership race.)

Anonymous said...

I like most of them but do you really think that Goodale will get the Wheat Board, that's a natural for Easter.

nbpolitico said...

Accept that the Wheat Board is just in the West and Easter is from PEI and Goodale was the minister for it from 1993-2002 ;)

I think I did miss the ball on Holland, Bains, Dhalla... whoops

Anonymous said...

Charlie Hubbard? The only Maritime MP who supported the leader initially.

nbpolitico said...

Hubbard was on my first draft, however there is really only room for one New Brunswicker in a shadow cabinet of 27 and Dominic LeBlanc is a rising star who was neutral due to being chair of the leadership convention not due to loyalties to any other candidate.

harrap said...

No Andy Scott in the Shadow Cabinet?

Also, do you think Iggy would get Foreign Affairs? Considering his views on Iraq and torture - not to mention his gaffes on Lebanon - that would be a controversial choice.

harrap said...

btw, here's a resource I found you might like -- if you want to relive those convention days and nights ;)

CPAC - Liberal Leadership Convention

Anonymous said...

Charlie Hubbard has been passed over by Chretien and then Martin. I do not know about shadow cabinet but he will be in Dion cabinet if Liberals form next government, methink. He was the only MP who initially supported Dion from NB.

nbpolitico said...

The problem Harrap is that you have Scott who has had two kicks at the cabinet, Dominic LeBlanc who is viewed as an up-and-comer, Paul Zed who thinks it is his turn and Charlie Hubbard who was the only MP to support the leader.

It is a bit of a difficult call. But no, I would be very, very surprised if Scott was in the Dion cabinet.

As for Ignatieff, I think it would be a mistake to make him Foreign Minister but it could be ok for him to be Foreign Critic. I was using the Stockwell Day example in my thinking here. Day was Harper's Foreign Affairs critic from 2002 to 2006, but he would never have been acceptable as minister and was not.