Sunday, December 17, 2006

Looking forward to 2007

My friends, get ready for a hell of a ride!

Political watchers here in NB had a pretty fun ride in 2006 - a federal election, a new federal government, drama at the legislature, a provincial election, a new provincial government, an exciting mid-term election in the U.S., a federal Liberal leadership race, an unexpected come-from-behind victory for St├ęphane Dion, the resignation of Bernard Lord, etc... we still are yet to see who the interim PC leader will be which apparently is coming on Tuesday.

Well it doesn't look like 2007 will disappoint here are the highlights:


  • Federal Liberals appoint key staff and a shadow cabinet

  • A federal cabinet shuffle?

  • 2008 U.S. presidential candidates start to formally emerge


  • The New Brunswick legislature meets

  • A federal budget

  • NB NDP sets date and rules for their leadership race

  • A by-election in Moncton East?


  • A federal election?

  • Shawn Graham / Victor Boudreau's first budget



  • Republican candidates meet for their first debate for the 2008 U.S. election


  • New Brunswick Tories to choose a new leader?


  • New Brunswick New Democrats to choose a new leader?

  • New Brunswick Green Party to be founded?


  • NB Legislature returns for a fall session

  • Ontario election (fixed date)

Other expected provincial elections

  • Newfoundland election?

  • PEI election?

  • Quebec election?

  • Manitoba election?

  • Saskatchewan election?

  • Alberta election?

Let me know if I am missing anything, I've already made some guesses for dates of somethings that might not be totally predictable, but it is clear that it will be a fun year.


Anonymous said...

No way the PCs pick a new leader that soon, I say in the fall at the earliest, and I wouldn't be surprised if they took a year

Harrap said...

The Democratic primary should be interesting. Especially as I'm torn between John Edwards and Barack Obama. Though since I'm Canadian my support won't matter anyway ;)

nbpolitico said...

Anon - not so sure about that... the Tories should pick a new leader soon, they are in opposition and they are going to be losing ground every second they don't have a leader. It is the same amount of time they used in 1997.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that they are losing ground every second, they do all the time they can get to find a leader. Nobody in the caucus would stand a chance vs the liberals in the next election. Their only hope is to find a outsider who could maybe pull it off.