Friday, December 01, 2006

GK speech

CPAC has a standalone video of Kennedy's speech, I highly recommend you watch it.

He had all kinds of people crying during a story about his early food bank days and really laid out a strong case for why he has the qualities to be leader.

Jason Cherniak, who is clearly afraid, criticizes GK for having been light on policy. Anyone here has noticed that the Congrès is littered with copies of GK's detailed policy proposals.


harrap said...

I saw the speech -- GK was impressive, and billingual! He's clearly overcome that hurdle.

GK's speech was much better than Bob Rae's Phil Donoghue routine.

Anonymous said...

I agree that GK was impressive, but giving part of his speech (clearly practised) in French does not make him bilingual. A debate situation would be far far different.

I am not a Bob Rae fan, but I WAS impressed with his speech. It is not an easy task to speak "off the cuff" and clearly he is able to do this well. He was well ahead of Ignatieff who came off as very dull intil the end. It looks to me as if Rae has the momentum right now. We'll see.

nbpolitico said...

At least Gerard spoke French. Bob Rae must have forgotten a) that Canada is bilingual and b) that he is in Montreal as he barely uttered a word.

Steve V said...

When Kennedy told that story I thought it was a great way to break the mood. Hammering away for 20 minutes can get tiring, and this was an excellent way to show another side, in a quiet tone.

Cherniak is a joke when it comes to Kennedy.

scott said...

I always thought Dion would scrape by you guys and move into third place. However, he came out flat after Brison took the wind out of his sails. I I were you, I would focus on going after soft Brison, Dion and Dryden supporters.

If you can gain 50% from each camp, you guys definitely have a shot, but more importantly, you gotta figure out a way to get by Rae to get to Ignatieff...a guy you can beat. That is if you can find the formula to get by Rae?

Good luck!

harrap said...

Agreed NBPolitico.

Rae speaking off the cuff was brave, but unnecessary... I agree with Chantal Hebert when she said it's hard to switch languages when you're going on in one language. Nonetheless, Rae made a huge blunder by not speaking french till half way through and then only four out of thirty minutes in French.