Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shame on our big parties

Both the governing Liberals and the opposition Tories have had their websites down for weeks. The Tory site went down days after the election with its sole content being a thank you letter from Bernard Lord. The Liberal site stayed up with the occassional update between election day and the swearing-in of the new government since which time it has been down for "post-election retooling".

Come on! The election was 8 weeks and 3 days ago. This is the twenty-first century. A website is not a luxury, it is a neccesity.

Kudos to whichever of the parties gets their site up first. I'm watching, as I am sure are many other bloggers and web savvy New Brunswickers.


scott said...

Good man, nbpolitico. Didn't you call Shawn Graham on his lack of blog postings during the election?

Maybe this will whip 'em into doing something again. Have you ever considered being a party whip when you get into the legislature??? ;-)

nbpolitico said...

LOL I was thinking leader, but I guess whip could be a first step!

harrap said...

Guess who's website is up and running ;)

Anonymous said...

It'll be back up. They always do this, mostly to take down their electoral platforms so people can't hold them to promises of the campaign. But some of us downloaded em, and the blogworld is pretty small, so you're wasting your time boys.