Saturday, November 18, 2006

For a good cause

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A friend of mine sent me this site and asked me to post on it. I am happy to do so as it looks like a really good cause. Moreover, it is run by UNICEF which I think proves that it is honest and worthy and, after all, UNICEF is "my charity", I contibute monthly.


nuna d. above said...

The best way to fight malaria is to spray DDT in buildings once a year, but western environmentalists put an end to that. The result has been 50 million deaths from malaria, mostly children and pregnant women. It's not politcally correct to point out how devastating "progressive" activists have been in the Third World, but there is a book about it, "Green Heart, Black Death" I think is the title.

Ecuador never went along with the DDT ban and didn't have the increase in malaria related deaths. South Africa has started spraying DDT again and has cut malaria deaths by 50 per cent. The WHO is now calling for DDT use again. You can be sure Mercer will never use his public platform to mention the 50 million dead resulting from the Sierra Club's actions, it's not stylish or hip.

nbpolitico said...

I was not aware of this but if true, it is certainly tragic. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that environmentalists and other far out activists have failed to see the forest for the trees.