Friday, November 17, 2006

Chantal Hébert agrees with me

Noted columnist Chantal Hébert seems to agree with my electability analysis in her column today.

In particular, she agrees that Kennedy is the best candidate to win in Ontario and will hold what we have in Quebec. She also agrees that Dion cannot grow in Quebec and is likely to lose ground elsewhere. She also agrees that Rae could gain disaffected NDP votes outside of Central Canada and grow in Quebec. On Ignatieff, she doesn't dare go as far as I have suggested (complete disaster) but says he "remains a wild card" and that his bolder policy positions could gain support in certain sectors but "could also lose the party support in crucial areas of the country".


harrap said...

I have a question which I think you might be able to answer. Are incumbant Liberal MPs always guaranteed their nominations because I don't think that's the case. If so, then my latest blog entry is moot ;)

nbpolitico said...

They are not automatically but it has been the long standing tradition of the party to protect them.

Martin did not in 2004 and that is the only example I know of where the Liberal Party has not protected its incumbents.

harrap said...

Thanks for the help nbpolitico :)

scott said...

That doesn't surprise me coming from a pro-Meech/société pro-distincte journo in Chantal Hébert.

It's funny because she used to be one of my favorite Ottawa bureau writers, along with Wells and Coyne, until she started to become palpably bitter as well as petulant in some of her recent writings. Writings that I used to seek out on a regular basis [at least twice a week] due to there calmness and level-headedness on a host of political matters.

And I know you remember this comment by Hébert on all us mean bloggers:

"By expanding his inner circle to include veteran journalist Peter C. Newman, Mulroney succumbed to the kind of reckless narcissism that drives some people to expose their lives on the Internet."

nbpolitico said...

Well I posted this somewhat hesitantly because I usually can't stand Hébert who I would definitely describe as bitter. However, when a major columnists echos your thoughts I figured it was worth noting! ;)