Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good luck tomorrow, Charles

Spinks has a good post up on Charles LeBlanc's trial tomorrow.

In summary, Charles is an activist and blogger who, though slightly off of his rocker, has done a great deal to bring attention to the over prescription of Ritalin for ADD/ADHD children and a broad range of other issues effecting the down trodden.

Whether you are a fan of Charles or not, I think we can all agree that the case the Crown has on him is one of the weakest things ever brought to trial. Moreover, this is very interesting to watch due to the precedent it could set in terms of bloggers being deemed members of the media with all of the rights the Charter and other laws.

Good luck tomorrow, Charles!

UPDATE: Charles LeBlanc wins


scott said...

Like Robert McClelland, he's nothing but a racist, nbpolitico.

nbpolitico said...

Huh? I have never heard of this? I know he has an anti-Quebec slant, but I have always read it as a little bit of an Acadian-Quebecker rivallry.

Am I missing something else?

scott said...

Well, take it or leave it, but in my opinion, racial epithets are racial epithets.

But much like Mcclelland, Leblanc wants to try put them into context. Sorry, I am with the Reverend Al Sharpten on this one...the N-word has no place in the anybody's language. It is vile and dirty and nobody has the right to use, nor downplay it.

Not Micheal Richards and definitely not Charles Leblanc.

nbpolitico said...

Thanks for the link scott. I had no idea that Charles had said that, and I certainly disagree with that kind of language and would never tolerate it.

That said, this case is not about Charles LeBlanc, so much as it is about ridiculous actions by the police and I still wish him luck in winning the case.

spinks08 said...

We've had this disagreement before Scott but I really don't see Charles as a racist. Does he make dumb comments and should he choose his words more carefully? You better believe it. Should we call him on it every time? Oh yeah. But his actual actions tell me he's no racist, he just is...well...Charles. Is that an excuse? By no means but I just don't see it despite his rants and raves. However that's me.

Side note on Michael (Kramer) Richards. Jesse Jackson is saying, "We have to evaluate the use of the n-word and categorize it as hate speech, no matter who uses it."

I concur. Hopefully Jackson will finally speak out against gangsta rappers who use the word liberally along with everythign else that goes along with the genre. Bill Cosby called this issue right. Maybe Jesse Jackson and the gang will join in.

Sorry NBPolitico I digress. Last time that happened I started a petition so I'll stop now. LOL.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I got to jump on this one. < AGAIN!!! >

Months ago, I told the story of a Irving supervisor name Brian Grant who told his workers - If I own this Empire? There would be no Niggers or Frogs working here!!

What’s the other one???

Oh yeah....I wrote - If 40 years ago there were no niggers, frogs queers or wagon burners? Everything would be ok.

I was talking like they spoke 40 years ago!!!

Comprendnice???? If there were no racial slurs in those days? Everything would be ok.

Does it make you a racist if you write a story that was quoted to you or the way it was years ago????

Give me a break!!!!

In closing, Moi a racist???? NEVER!!!! A bigot???? OUI!!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

ohhhhh??? Scott got me going here......

Thanks for the Good Luck NB!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I just visited Scott site of what I wrote.

I will admit that maybe I should have written the story a little better.

Such as racial slurs such as N#ggers or Fr@gs?

I don't know...all I'm saying that racial slurs was a part of life in those days and that's the way it was.

If everyone would have been treated equally in those days?

We wouldn't be in this mess we're in today!!!!

Sh@t!!!! Three comments in one blog???

I'm cracking up!!!!

Monctonite said...

Be careful or Charles will start think you're with "the Irvings". I'm surprised he hasn't accused you of it already.

Anonymous said...

Police arrest I agree with you NBPolitico. Taking Leblanc seriously is totally another issue. The guy is a mental case and he cannot be taken seriously.

nbpolitico said...

I don't think I ever said I take Charles seriously ;)

Anonymous said...

I just read Scott's write-up on Leblanc. I disagree with most all views of Scott as his views have conservative leaning but on the issue of Leblanc I agree with Scott. Leblanc's blog is full of crapola, innuendoes and other amateurish and childish nonsense.

scott said...

For the record, pre-character build up is not the arguement here people, it is the use of racial epithets, that is all. You are either for that dispicable language or you're not. I am not interested in hearing how great a humanitarian Richards or Leblanc was prior to the comments.

It's unacceptable folks, and it's almost just as unacceptable to try to defend the comments made by Richards and Leblanc.

Btw, it's obvious that Charles is more interested in furthering his arguement instead of doing the right thing and apologizing for being out of line with his vile comments. It shows he does know wrong fron right. Shame.

scott said...


That's "doesn't know right from wrong".

scott said...

Btw Monctonite, if you think being tolerant and accepting of other ethnicities is being with the "Irvings", you better give your head a shake. I am against racial epithets, that is all.

On a more serious note, I believe this debate on racial tolerance is more important than we think. IMHO, it is an attitude that exists amongst both the francophone community and anglophone community here in New Brunswick. It is a huge reason why we have had difficulty retaining and attracting immigrants to our province.

With [old] backwater attitudes like Leblanc's prevailing, we haven't got a hope of progressive into the 21st century as a diverse and accepting society here in New Brunswick.

Remember, if you look at the demographics in Saint John and Fredericton, you will notice that the poor and the rich are mostly white. So to say that working with the poor means he [Leblanc] does not hold racial views in New Brunswick is obsurd.

After returning to NB after living around the country, I believe that tolerance is something we have to improve here if we are ever to move out of our "have not" status as a province. I traveled a bit during the last election and I was shocked to hear some of the attitudes which were ingrained in locals regarding Chinese people, aboriginals, gays and lesbians, African Canadians and francophes. It's sickening to think that I was raised in such a hateful society.

We need to do better. And to do better, we need to stop defending old attitudes like the one demonstrated by Charles Leblanc. This is not about the rich and the poor here in NB, this is about race. Plain and simple.

Spinks said...

I hear you Scott. I just think the word racist and bigot gets overused in today's world. I totally understand why you think that of Charles (sheesh he calls himself a bigot) based on what he wrote but I just don't think he is based on most of his actions.

Frankly I like knowing when someone like a Richards starts mouthing off because then I know where he's coming from and can avoid him. It's the folks that bottle it up and try to hide it that have me more concerned. I prefer knowing the racist views but that's me.

Charles LeBlanc said...

There's some people you just cannot change their views on a individual.

All I know that I am not a racist.

As a matter of fact? I rode a ten speed bike across the States and the media didn't like me one bite because I would denounce the way the Blacks were treated.

It was terrible.

Our summer cottage in Shediac were mansions compare to the poor black people homes.

I might add that I'm a member of P.R.U.D.E.! in Saint John.

All I did was quoting the way they used to talk in the old days and a quote from an Irving supervisor.

If this makes me a racist? Then I guess I am one!!!


all this because someone wish me luck!!!!

scott said...

Great solution, Spinks. I'll telephone Micheal Richards right now and tell him to call himself a bigot and all will be forgotten by the black community. "sigh"

And you're right, spinks. If gang bangers shouldn't use the N-word than why should Charles justify its use. A bit of a double standard, don't you think? As well, I think Charles has something against blacks because he sure did try to make an example out of that guy in Saint John Harbour...and, IMHO, it wasn't all based on what he was wearing.

Spinks said...

IT is a nasty word, for that there is no question.

Hey Scott we gotta disagree sometimes, right? It sure doesn't happen often. LOL.

Anonymous said...

NBpolitico, since you started this Beta thing sometimes your site is blank. I do not know if you know that.

I agree with Scott whole heartedly. A bigot or racist what is the difference. However, in case of Leblanc, he is plain crazy. He does not know right from wrong as pointed out earlier.

nbpolitico said...

anon - I've not encountered that, can you be more specific?

Anonymous said...

When I open your blog it is all black screen and no writting on it, no nothing. It happens numerous times. May be I visit your site too often:)

I visit another Beta blog and same thing. May be they have to iron out few things.

scott said...

Good point, spinks. I think I'm obsessively arguing this point to death. I think the definition is known a flogging. lol I shall move on. ;-)

Sorry about that people, it's something about this Leblanc guy that rubs me the wrong way. I don't know what it is, however, I'm sure if I met him, I would think otherwise.

But for now, he just comes across as someone with an ulterior motive [other than what his site claims]. Maybe instead of ADHD activist, he can call himself the insult Dan Bussiere, Bernard Lord, Brent Taylor, Tom Mann and Irving et al. activist. (as that is what he seems to focus on)

Spinks said...

I have noticed the same problems with the beta too nbpolitico, here and at other sites that have adopted it. If you can't go back to the old way and want to switch to something else, I recommend Haloscan for comments. It works quite well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Spinks please no holoscan. Hard to read the print to start with. Bad idea all in all.

Anonymous said...

Scott, it is sad because this Leblanc guy has lot of energy, which can be used for good purpose.

You need not meet him. Just ask the staff at the legislature.

As far as police situation in Saint John is concerned I think judge made the right decision. He is known to be a good judge. But boy now Leblanc claims to be an international celebrity. He needs constant attention and that is what all his activities are about and blog is all about – an infant who refuses to grow up or an infantile.

Spinks said...

Just a suggestion anon. NBPolitico can do what he wants. Personally I find Haloscan works well at keeping SPAM and the riff raff out. Maybe when the BETA gets the bugs out it will be okay too.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:19

Is it fair to say you are a little obsessed with Charles?

nbpolitico said...

Thanks for the head's up about the beta problem. When I go in to comments here it always prompts me as to whether or not I want to display insecure items, if I say yes, it shows the comments. I've just tried clicking no and it does not.

Are you getting that option or is it just automatically not showing them?

I can't convert back and don't really care for the feel of haloscan.

Spinks said...

Sometimes nothing comes up or it requires several refreshes or it's reeeeeeeallllly slow. Similar at other beta blogs for me. I've tried it with a few different computers and the same thing happens. It might not be a problem for most. Could be just me.

Anonymous said...

Spinks it is a problem and related to beta but hopefully they will take care of it in due course. In my case I just get black screen nothing on it. Other Beta blogs same thing only the colour differs according to the colour of their blog.

Anonymous said...

4:06 PM I was responding to Scott and topic of this blog. I am replused by Leblanc the way he behaves. However, I do not wish anyone ill and suggesting that if he puts his energies to good use he may amount to something and do good to the causes that he pretends to fight for. Right now his only cause seems to be attention to himself.