Friday, September 14, 2007

Reinveting post-secondary education

This report is worth a close look. I've only read the news release so far, but the concept seems very interesting, in my view looks like to eliminate some redundancy, close some gaps and not upset the apple cart too much.

UDPATE: See my substantive post on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Some good recommendations for technical and trades training. An overhall and expansion of our Community College system has long been needed. However, axing UNBSJ, U de M campuses in Shippagan and Edmunston in favor of Polytechs not the way to go.

Rob said...

Rick Miner is on the board of Polytechnics Canada, an advocacy group for increased polytechnic education. New Brunswick seems to be really good at having biased people write biased reports. Whether its Atomic Energy of Canada writing a government report suggesting increased nuclear power in New Brunswick, or Polytechnics Canada writing a report suggesting tearing down Universities in favour of polytechnical institutes, we can't get enough.

Personally, I think the root of our problem is the secondary education system, not the post-secondary. We should have increased vocational training in schools, and help point kids in the direction of very high paying jobs in the skilled trades. Two teachers at HTHS in Moncton have a pilot program that does this, teaching young people skills that they can actually use in the workplace. We can overhaul and rename our Community Colleges all day long. As long as children believe university is the be all and end all of post secondary education, we will forever have a flawed system.

just driving by said...

Why are the UNBSJ types resorting to questioning Rick Miner's credibility re the poltechnics recommendation?

What would he gain by having three new poloytechnics in NB? (Answer: nothing.)

Assuming for the sake of argument that he would, and that he is corrupt, how do these people explain the support of Mr. L'Ecuyer for the polytechnics recommendations?

Personally, as a Saint Johnner, I am ashamed at the behaviour of the folks the past few days. Anti-intellectual, empty rhetoric from people who haven't read the report, or apparently heard of MIT or Caltech. And shouting people down in discussion? These people are the new poster child for defenders of the status quo. Hell, they're even being outdone in terms of maturity by the good folks in the Peninsula!

Anonymous said...

Never sould industry dictate our educational choices. UNBSJ should be expanded not reduced /amalgamated and the community college system should be expanded and greater links formed with universities not the improvement of one at the expense of another. The Nb liberal govt will always have the greatest promotor of "their" policy the editorial board of the |Telegraph Journal in their corner as they represent the Irving group of companies with the greatest need for energy hub labour requiremsnts of which a Polytechnic would provide. For shawn Graham to continue this lap-dog dance and ignore the will of the educated students it will be at his peril as he overspends his " polital capital"