Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No, I am not dead

Thanks to those readers who've dropped me a few emails (they like me, they really like me!). I am still alive and kicking, still reading blogs and commenting occassionally. I spent a good part of the latter half of August on holiday and really haven't seen anything too exciting to post about that isn't covered elsewhere.

A few random thoughts:

Ontario I'm not too keen on Dalton McGuinty or the proportional representation proposal being voted on there.

United States I've really been enjoying reading Ben Smith's Democratic blog and Jonathan Martin's Republican blog on the the presidential election at politico.com. If you are a nerd, have lots of free time and are interested in Amercian politics, check them out. They both post at least a half dozen times a day, often much more, on the happenings. The presidential election is heating up as people supposedly start paying attention after Labour Day. Fred Thompson is set to announce officially on Leno tomorrow night. My choice, Joe Biden, has been running ads in Iowa and I am curious to see if that will allow him to at least get in to the double digits.

Spinks Congrats on finishing the 101 countdown and kudos to you for appending the more optimistic 10 who aren't.

New Brusnwick I say again HELLO OPPOSITION PARTIES??? The NDP convention is only 5 weeks away and I don't think there are any declared candidates; please correct me if I am wrong. The election was over 11 months ago, there seems to be no hint of a date for a Tory leadership race either, though they are holding an AGM the weekend after the NDP is supposedly voting in a leader.

UPDATE: According to that wonderful resource that is Wikipedia; I now learn that their are two candidates for the NDP leadership: Dennis Atchison and Roger Duguay, both fairly strong candidates. Should be interesting.


NB taxpayer said...

Wasn't there a student from Mount Allison University that mused about running??? Ooops, nope, my bad, he dropped out. Methinks if he had of stuck to his guns and ran hard since last November (depending on if he knows a little bit about campaigning?), he may have just won.

Anyway, maybe it's time the NDP started bargaining with the Liberals and Conservatives for potential talent. You know, like trading playing cards.

nbpolitico said...

Certainly had some decent candidates (like these two) run for the NDP leadership in 2005, they would be in a lot better shape today. Whether either of these gents can pick up the pieces of what's left, I don't know.

Brian Cormier said...

The NDP is a lost cause in New Brunswick. We're a two-party province and will be that way for the foreseeable future.

nbpolitico said...

I can't say I disagree. Quite a contrast from two years ago when I think they truly had an opportunity for a breakthrough, but, alas, no one was willing to be leader.