Sunday, September 16, 2007

Graham cabinet to be shuffled?

So I heard a rumour this weekend that there may be a cabinet shuffle as soon as early October.

It would seem a bit odd to shuffle so early in the government mandate unless it is a shuffle required due to some structural changes in government that may be planned?

One presumes that at least one of the three new Moncton area caucus members (Chris Collins. Joan MacAlpine-Stiles and Wally Stiles) would be elevated to cabinet as well to make up for minimal cabinet representation there.

Any thoughts? Anyone hear something similar?


Rob said...

The Irving Sleuth in the Times Transcript says the knives are out for Joan MacAlpine in the Liberal Association in Moncton West. To avoid an embarrassing nomination loss, the rumours have her going to the mayoral post in Moncton in 2008.

I'd link to the article, but I don't want you to get sued, nbp.

nbpolitico said...

Rob - I appreciate your consideration!!

Interesting rumour, I didn't see it but I can how it would be true. Grits would be sure to pick up that seat if they won the next election so I imagine there was some disappointment when she crossed the floor. That had also been a 4-way nomination fight for the Libs there so there are lots of people eager to take a kick at the can.

Spinks said...

I'd link to the article, but I don't want you to get sued, nbp.

I think they're too busy with Charles right now.

MacAlpine and Stiles both, in my mind, lost their chance when they didn't call for a byelection. Given what was going on in the Tory caucus, they had a pretty strong case to present to the voters about why they wanted to cross the floor. I would have been amazed if both of them wouldn't have won their seats...handidly. However that's up to the people who voted for them to decide. I think there's case now where the Liberals don't exactly trust them and the PC's definately don't. MacAlpine would likley lose another election if she even got the nomination. Stiles might survive even though he's in Tory country because folks in his riding like him.

Cabinet shuffle? Personally I'd like to see Carmel Robichaud out just because I don't trust her to tell the truth or take responsibility for her actions. Otherwise the rest in there seem okay...for now.

nbt said...

Otherwise the rest in there seem okay...for now.

So you are alright with what's going on in finance???