Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rules and replies

In my post yesterday, I indicated that a report of the Procedure Committee had been tabled and adopted. That report essentially implemented the rule changes first proposed by the Conservatives in 2006 and then passed by the Liberals earlier this year with some minor technical changes.

Also, today was opposition leader Jeannot Volpé's official reply to the Throne Speech. Unfortunately, I missed it. It took less than an hour as I tuned in about that long after it was to begin but it was already over. The legislature will post the text of it in the next few days but, in the interim, if any one saw it, I'll declare this an "open thread" for you to make your comments.


Monctonite said...

Volpe promised to be cooperative and then proceeded to be nagative (that last word started out as a typo, but I left it because it actually fits).

Spinks said...

I like to think the Opposition will actually do their job this time and not dwell in the partisan cellar but we'll see. The Liberals have certainly provided them plenty of ammo. Maybe they'll actually use it this time and defend the interests of New Brunswickers but I'm not holding my breath. The PC's (and in fairness the Liberals) need to get out of their proverbial war rooms and start talking to people who aren't a bunch of nodding heads.