Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pick a lane

(crossposted to CanadaEast)

Whenever I am driving in Montreal or Toronto, I often find myself yelling "pick a lane" at some of my more aggressive and less logical fellow drivers.

My advice to Jeannot Volpé is similar.

Much as he did this spring during the legislative sitting, rather than picking one or two or three major issues and focussing on them and making an effective critique of the government, his reaction to the recent cabinet shuffle was unfocussed and made him look bitter and overly negative when he could have used the opportunity to make some political hay.

The cabinet shuffle had a number of areas that could have been seen as flaws. No one likes to see more politicians at the top, and the cabinet has two extra members. Women are way under represented and that didn't improve with this shuffle. Volpé ignored those points. Volpé criticized one area that makes sense - a floor crosser being included in the cabinet - but then couldn't resist himself and threw his credibility out the window in going way off track.

Rather than make an arguments about democracy, he went on a rant about how Tories were mad, Liberal backbenchers would revolt and how the dirty rat would never be re-elected. How about: "Crossing the floor is an affront to democracy and an insult to voters. Shawn Graham should never have justified this action by admitting these people into his caucus and certainly shouldn't have rewarded it by putting one of them into his cabinet"? That is a reasonable criticism that would resonate with people, but with Volpé, it has to become petty and personal.

Then he makes up some nonsense about how this cabinet shuffle is an insult to Francophone New Brunswickers because Hédard Albert and Carmel Robichaud were "demoted". Huh? All cabinet ministers are equal at the cabinet table and even if they weren't, the argument doesn't make sense.

Albert moves from a department focussed on the machinations of government whose primary role is to negotiate labour agreements with the civil service under the close watch and direction of the premier and finance minister to a ministry which has been touted by the premier as a top priority.

Robichaud moves to an admittedly smaller department in terms of budget but one which requires close relationships with the province's 103 municipalities during a period when the province is talking about substantial change to municipal governance. These don't sound like demotions to me. In Albert's case, it would seem a promotion and in Robichaud's case it is, at least, a lateral move if not actually a promotion as well.

Why the Tories are waiting until next fall to pick a leader I will never figure out. Jeannot Volpé is the best thing that has happened to the Liberal Party of New Brunswick in a generation!


Rob said...

Agreed 100%, NBP. So many better arguments could have been made about this cabinet shuffle. Instead it's all about the Tories. Tories are insulted, Tories feel betrayed by Wally Stiles, etc. etc. You can scream for him to pick a lane, I'll scream at him to get over himself.

The current Conservative party is rudderless, and requires direction. They will not get it from Mr Volpé. Liberals should not be excited about disastrous leadership, as effective Opposition will only force the Graham government to try harder and achieve more. Letting government coast along unopposed is good for nobody.

I guess the Tories are simply to busy screaming about Wally and Joan to bother finding a Leader. Fall 2008 is still a year away, and the PCs will have gone 2 years without direction.

nbpolitico said...

Liberals should not be excited about disastrous leadership, as effective Opposition will only force the Graham government to try harder and achieve more. Letting government coast along unopposed is good for nobody.

You're right Rob; as fun as it is for the Liberals in the short term to not face opposition, in the long term a strong opposition makes for better government.

NB taxpayer said...

Even though Stiles is a weasel, I don't blame him for jumping ship. And for the record, it wasn't that big a jump considering he went to a liberal party from a "liberal lite" party.

David Raymond Amos said...

Wally Stiles a weasel??? Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?

David Raymond Amos said...

Before you delete my comment Mr NBPolitico say Hoka Hey to Jamie Irving and his yoyo Scotty Baby Agnew for me will ya?

FYI I saved this wepage too.

Andrew said...

I think we should be talking about more pertinent issues regarding the Liberal philosophy.

Let us discuss the audacious Liberal tax grab after the generous GST cut? The Liberals jacked our taxes after a grossly inaccurate GrantThorton audit. Where does it stop?

Canada is rich, wealthy and growing. Why bother living and working in a province that cannot realize our country's boom?

Ontario, here I come.

Rob said...

"Ontario, here I come."

The boom ain't in Ontario, my son. Keep driving west for a day or too past North Bay. Once you get past the Man/Sask border, you're getting close to money country.

Anonymous said...

Are you from the left or from the Liberal Party? They are very different, but you never really seem to speak about leftist issues - just anti-Conservative and pro-Liberal writings.

nbpolitico said...

David - why would I delete your post? With the exception of spam and double posts, the only post I have ever deleted on this blog in the 15 months I've been keeping it was a libelous one that accused a Conservative candidate of having homosexual affairs.

Andrew - As I mentioned somewhere else, I suspect if this GST/HST swap were to go through, it would be on the recommendation of a nationally respected economist and would be immediately followed by an equal cut in income taxes.

anon - I am sorry you feel that way. I would agree I am not "left", I consider myself a centrist in terms of ideology but that is the label I was given for the purposes of my posts on CanadaEast due to my support of the Liberals. I have long prided myself as being as unbiased as possible and if you have read this blog over time, I think you would find I have levelled my fair share of criticism at the Liberals when it was due. The fact is that even most Tories will agree with the criticism I am levelling at the NB PC Party which is in a really sad state these days.

David Raymond Amos said...

The answer to my why is one word Canadaeast. If you wish me to elaborate. Why not ask Scott Agnew and his boss and yours Jamie Irving first. Bettter yet say to your lawyer Stevey Boy for me will ya? Now watch this go poof eh Chucky Leblanc?

Anonymous said...

Amos is deleted because he's a kook.

David Raymond Amos said...

Easily said when you have no name EH?

David Raymond Amos said...

For the record these people and your new boss Jamie Boy Irving and his lawyers in particular know for a fact that I am no kook.

As you delete this comment, note the last letter. It came to me from the Governor General three years ago just after I ran for a seat in the 38th Parliament against the aptly named lawyer Rob Moore who is now the Parliamentry secretary for the Minister of Justice. It also came just before I was falsely imprisoned in the USA without bail under the charges of "other" without even being legally arrested.

While I was in jail the Fredericton Police finally got around to investigating my complaint to the Police Commission against them for my illegal banishment form the Legislative grounds in New Brunsick for the benefit of Bernie Lord and his many cohorts. Sgt Danny Copp closed the file very quickly when I came screaming out of that Yankee jail. Ask him why and about the conflict of interest.

What the Irving rag commonly known as the Gleaner wrote about me above the fold on May 24th for the benefit of the crook, T. J. Burke,(Remeber he does have a criminal record) the RCMP and the Fredericton cops was pure bullshit and never retracted. Why?

What would your heros such as Stevey Boy Harper and Paul Martin (aka Humpty dumpty) have done if such nonsense had happened to them over the years? Sue?

FYI I saved this particular webpage to use against Canadaeast in court someday. good luck with your conscience and sense of fair play within our purportedly profound democracy. Ask the former Attorney General Brad green why or the supreme Court of New Brunswick or the Law Society or the Lt Gov. chaisson. I have many signed answers from crooks in New brunswick as they ignore obvious crimes for their own benefit and the detriment of the Public Interest and Trust. Because I tell the truth and run for public office four times in three years, I am a kook? meanwhile the nasty French man Charles Leblanc collects welfare takes prescribed drugs and drinks beer as he runs around town bothering folks and slandering everyone and his dog on the Internet yet he is everybody's hero and love to be photographed by him since he got luck and beat the Crown just as his heros the liberals took office? Justice is a matter of political will no more no less. N'est Pas?

I will be curious to say the least to see if this post makes it over to Irvings domain and if so how long it lasts.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

Jan 3rd, 2004

Mr. David R. Amos
153 Alvin Avenue
Milton, MA 02186

Dear Mr. Amos
Thank you for your letter of November 19th, 2003, addressed to my predecessor, the Honourble Wayne Easter, regarding your safety. I apologize for the delay in responding.

If you have any concerns about your personal safety, I can only suggest that you contact the police of local jurisdiction. In addition, any evidence of criminal activity should be brought to their attention since the police are in the best position to evaluate the information and take action as deemed appropriate.

I trust that this information is satisfactory.

Yours sincerely
A. Anne McLellan

"Lafleur, Lou" wrote:

From: "Lafleur, Lou"
To: "''",
"Lafleur, Lou"
Subject: Fredericton Police Force
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 15:21:13 -0300

Dear Mr. Amos

My Name is Lou LaFleur and I am a Detective with the Fredericton Police Major Crime Unit. I would like to talk to you regarding files that I am investigating and that you are alleged to have involvement in.

Please call me at your earliest convenience and leave a message and a phone
number on my secure and confidential line if I am not in my office.

yours truly,

Cpl. Lou LaFleur
Fredericton Police Force
311 Queen St.
Fredericton, NB


FEDERAL EXPRESS February 7, 2006

Senator Arlen Specter
United States Senate
Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. Specter:

I have been asked to forward the enclosed tapes to you from a man named, David Amos, a Canadian citizen, in connection with the matters raised in the attached letter. Mr. Amos has represented to me that these are illegal FBI wire tap tapes. I believe Mr. Amos has been in contact with you about this previously.

Very truly yours,
Barry A. Bachrach
Direct telephone: (508) 926-3403
Direct facsimile: (508) 929-3003

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:19:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David Raymond Amos"
Subject: I repeat I suggested that all of Yahoo's (a publicly held corp) people read the text of the letter to their Yankee lawyer years ago real slow (KMM57828385V93436L0KM)
To: "Yahoo! Mail",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What planet do Yahoo people come from anyway. I just called both of Clive Hobson's phone numbers (his cell is 416 721 9860) again and California as well (but they don't pick up the phone on the week end) Do you Yahoo people even remember my phone calls last week? Rest assured I will be calling again come Monday morning. This time I will be demanding again to speak to your lawyers and you will have a hard time giving me a No for an answer. My phone calls last week were recorded by Yahoo and witnessed on my end . Hell I even caught your people reading my blog Remember? Rest assured this email will be posted there as well surf through the comments. I will damned if I will tell you where I put this one.

Furthermore the US Mail I sent to your lawyer over two years ago deserves and answer in writing. It was was tracked and Yahoo did receive it. call me a liar I Double Dog Dare ya. What the hell did Mikey think of the Yankee police surveilance wiretap tape I must ask again? I am entitled to an answer from the Yahoo lawyer hired to protect the interests of a publicly held Corp Correct?

For the record I quite simply don't care if you think the Yankee Depupty Dog Robert F. O'Meara or his nasty Canadian buddy, Dean Roger Ray or anyone else pretended to be me byway of the Internet. The dude Scotty Baby Agnew of the Irving Empire started this particular spit and chew with Yahoo byway of his false allegations about me to you and the RCMP. Remember?

What the malicious Irving people and everybody else says of me is not only false , it is slander. FYI that is a crime in Canada. If you support Agnew then you support his false allegations. Correct. Look who else these emails are being sent to. Fellow Canadain and American politcians, media people and lawyers who know of my affairs quite well as well as many cops including the RCMP. If you had bothered to check into my other emails found within your accounts and my blogs you will see that the FBI is properly informed and in fact they have been calling me. Correct? If you don't believe me about the crime of slander in Canada, why not ask the Newfy, Danny Williams and the two other Newfys Byron Prior and Paul Perrier that I introduced everybody to. He is prosecuting them for slander. Correct?

For the record I did not accuse Depupty Dog nor anyone else of forging my email address. However his buddy Dean Roger Ray certainly did pretend to be me as he threatened others byway of the internet and he made no bones about threatening me and sending the proof of his crimes to the RCMP amopngst many others.

That said impersonations of me on the Internet I can handle in Canadian courts at a time of my choosing. Right now I am far more concerned about the wrongs of the Yankee Depeupty Dog and Yahoo support of it. His forgery of my wife's signature on a very Fraudulent Purchace and Sale Agreement many years ago should put everybody's panties in a knot. Then there is the Title V Inspection etc etc. One of Brian Mulroney's (one of our more offensive Prime Ministers) companies (Cendant Corp) made a buck off the fraudulent sale of our Beach House while their former CEO was being prosecuted in CT and while I was falsely imprisoned in a Yankee jail in Beantown byway of the false allegations of Depupty Dog Robert F. O'Meara's lawyer Angela K. Troccoli. Go figure.

If Mikey Callahan as Yahoo's General Counsel had done his job his job three years ago after I contacted him right after I came screaming out of that Yankee jail Yahoo would not be in such hot water now. I was being prosecuted for sending very legit emails to lawyers during the process of litigation brought on by them while Yahoo was bragging that it had won an important lawsuit in Canada about someelse sending emails. Did you bastards forget I was illegally summoned out of canada while running for a seat in Parlaiment with and unsigned complaint fraudulently created by a clerk magistrate? Why Yahoo threatened to kill my email service then was beyond my understanding but you were quick to stop your nonsense then and then play dumb for three long years of pure hell for my family. I felt compelled to send Yahoo evidence of many crimes just before Depupty Dog and his lawyers managed to have my wife and kids evicted from our home without warrants or due process of law because of unpaid rent owed to no one at all. So I did. but i left you alone while i defended my dumb arse against the nasty Feds in two countries. In return Yahoo attacks and plays dumb on the very same day?

Again read the letter at the bottom of the email that you just bounced back once again right after you read some of Depupty Dogs latest bit of bragging. May I suggest that a real person licenced to practice law call me back ASAP and do not touch me email acoount until this matter is resolved in an ethical fashion? Trust that I will sue Yahoo if you continue to cover up your support of crimes practiced against my Clan.

As of tonight I will use email accounts outside of Yahoo's domain in my pursuit of justice until I hear from your lawyers. If I hear nothing from them I will send Yahoo a summons someday. Get it? If not scroll down and read the letter once again real slow will ya?
Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 15:27:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Yahoo!"
Subject: Yahoo! Administrative Notice

Dear Yahoo! account holder:

By creating and using your Yahoo! account, you agree to abide by Yahoo!'s Terms of Service (TOS). Pursuant to the TOS, Yahoo! reserves the right to terminate your account or otherwise prohibit use of your account in the event that, among other things, Yahoo! believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the TOS. It has come to our attention that you may have violated the TOS.

Please reread the TOS and cease any use of your account that may violate the TOS.

If your use of your Yahoo! account is brought to our attention again, and we believe that such use violates the TOS, then we may terminate your account without further notice. Please do not
reply to this email.

Any questions concerning Yahoo!'s Services should be submitted through the on-line form in the help area Yahoo!

Yahoo! Mail wrote:

Hello David ,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

We have investigated your report, and, based on the information you've given us, your account does not appear to have been accessed by the sender of this email.

The sender seems to have forged your email address in the "reply-to" and/or the "from" field of the message they sent out. Please know that we are currently aware of this type of spam and are investigating it.

Please let us know if you still need assistance so I may assist you further.

Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.



Yahoo! Customer Care


For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Original Message Follows:

Your email to me is indeed a very sneaky thing for Yahoo to do. Why
did you edit out yourselves and the subject line etc of the email and towhom else I sen the email to???

I repeat I am the guy that you are torturing on behalf of the
Irvings. I did not complain of myself. They did. I am merely defending my name and reputation as I prepare to run for poliitcal office once again. Get it yet?

May I suggest that you read the letter that i can easily prove I
sent to your lawyer in California over two years ago? At leas the text of the aforesaid lettert is within the email that you just bounced back to me. Thus you can never caliam that you don't know nothing now EH?

for the record I am not a spammer nor am I a threat to anyone
whatsoever. I am a man who sues lawyers cops and politcians ets and runs for politcal office from time to time. What the people of CanadaEast say of me is untrue and indeed very malicious and in fact slander. What say you Kalis?

I will cal Toronto once again perhaps somebody should come to
the phone EH Mr. Hobson?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

For the rocord fo9llowing this is the heading of the email you are
responding to what you say to me is pure bullshit.

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 19:27:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David
Raymond Amos"
Subject: RE:
(KMM57605910V36371L0KM) May I suggest that all of Yahoo's (a publicly held corp) people read the text of the letter to their Yankee lawyer years ago real slow? To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CC:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yahoo! Mail wrote:

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

It appears you are submitting multiple emails within one report for
investigation. In order to assist you most effectively, we are
requesting that you send us an individual report for each instance of
unsolicited email that you would like investigated.

I await your feedback so I may investigate your issue.

Spammers use their own methods of sending unsolicited email through
their own computers, programs, Internet sites, forgery, etc. The
following steps may help you understand what preventative measures can be taken to avoid being discovered and added to junk email lists.

* Never respond to unsolicited email/spam. To the individuals who send spam, one "hit" among thousands of mailings is enough to justify the practice.

* Never respond to the spam email's instructions to reply with the word "remove". This is just a ploy to get you to react to the email, and alerts the sender that a human is at your email address, which greatly increases its value. If you reply, your address may be placed on more lists, resulting in more spam. Please know that Yahoo! offers several tools to help you keep spam out of your Inbox:

1. "Spam" and "Not Spam" buttons -- The most effective way to prevent
spam from entering your Inbox is by using the "Spam" button in your
Inbox or the "Not Spam" button in your Bulk Mail folder. If a spam
message is delivered to your Inbox - click "Spam." If a non-spam message is delivered to your Bulk Mail folder - click "Not spam."

By sending examples of spam to Yahoo! for review, it will increase the effectiveness of Spamguard, Yahoo! Mail's filtering system. Yahoo! will
use the messages you send to constantly improve the Spamguard technologyand help ensure that unwanted messages are delivered to your Bulk Mail Folder rather than your Inbox.

2. Filters -- Yahoo! Mail offers you the ability to create filters
for your account. You create filters to deliver emails to a special folder. To learn more, please visit:

3. Block an address -- Use this feature to block email addresses you
do not want to receive email from. Learn more at:

* Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. Although some of these sites may be legitimate, more often than not, they are address collectors. The legitimate sites are ignored (or exploited) by the spammers; the address collection sites are owned by them. In both cases, your address is recorded and valued more highly because you have just identified it as being read by a human.

* Avoid displaying your email address(es) in public places. This makes it harder for spammers to run programs or bots to gather email addresses.

* If you use a service that uses an online directory of their users, you may want to "opt-out" of this directory. Spammers search the directory for new listings.

Yahoo! takes your privacy seriously. Yahoo! does not rent, sell or share personal information about you with other people or nonaffiliated companies, except to provide products or services you have requested, when we have your permission, or under other limited circumstances. For example, we provide personal information to partners who work on behalf
of or with Yahoo! under confidentiality agreements. We may also provide personal information when responding to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

If we believe it is necessary to share information in order to
investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, emergency situations involving potential threats to the
physical safety of any person, violations of Yahoo!'s terms of use, or as otherwise required by law, personal information may be shared.

For further information, please review our full Privacy Policy at:

Please let us know if you still need assistance so we may assist you

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.



Yahoo! Customer Care


For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

For the record here is the text the letter to Yahoo once again.

August 14th, 2005

William P. Barr, General Counsel
Verizon Communications Inc.
1095 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

John Bishar Jr General Counsel
KeySpan Corp
One MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Michael Callahan, General Counsel
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089

Lucian E. Seagraves General Counsel
EarthLink Inc.
1375 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Peter Hugh Collins
Law Office Of Collins & Collins
1266 Furnace Brook Parkway
Quincy MA 02169

Manuel L Casabielle
2420 Coral Way
Coral Gables, FL 33145

Re: Public Corruption, Constable Michael C. Moore and Triple M. Movers


Recently my phone line in Milton was cut off again just before I was ordered to appear in Dorchester District Court for no discernable or ethical reason other than to allow the court to have an opportunity to me put back in jail without a trial once more. The interruption of my phone service happened once before just as I was emailing my attorney Barry Bachrach and he had just warned that the FBI were behaving very poorly to some of his other friends at the same time. This occurred immediately before I was falsely imprisoned on October 1st of last year and my wife couldn’t call anyone for assistance for several days. Recently not very long after I talked to Peter Collins in his capacity as Norfolk County Commissioner and Manuel Casabielle as the latest lawyer for Whitey Bulger’s buddy the retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. my phone was cut off again. All my alarms and bells and whistles went off. I had accurately predicted the demise of H. Paul Rico in the very same Miami Jail to Michael Von Zamft the very same Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney in November of 2003. This FBI agent is charged with leaking confidential information that prompted the gangsters to kill John B. Callahan a Winchester financier and onetime financial adviser to Bulger's gang. I have made certain that everybody knows that I am bounty hunting Whitey Bulger and I have no doubt the FBI is protecting him from me. The other Callahan I sent this letter to should find at least that to be interesting since he found nothing else I sent him warranted a response a long time ago. Now he and Mr. Seagraves have hard copy of exactly the same material I sent the FBI on May 12th 2005. After they read the letter I just sent to Chief Justice Connolly, they can ask their buddies in the White House what the hell has happened that has me so pissed off right now.

However I will tell all of you that my phone was quickly put back in service as soon as I promised to send William P. Barr hard copy of this material. After all he the former Attorney General under President Bush’s daddy who now works for a phone company. If anyone could understand the ramifications of a layman from Canada possessing police wiretap tapes it should be Mr. Barr. I have no doubt whatsoever his phone company has been assisting the Feds in tapping my own phone lines. When the spooks get spooked they cut it. It is just that simple. Feel free to call me a liar. Why not hire the former Attorney General Ashcroft, the former DHS Inspector General named after Superman or his boss Tom Ridge to sue me. They are all loyal republican government lawyers who are now out of a job and looking for work. Lawyers make me sick every time they make use of the word integrity. I want to argue some of the bastards in court very soon. Last Friday when my wife watched the KeySpan truck pull up in front of our home and then go talk to the crooked constable Michael C. Moore I figured that our utility company was in bed with the crooks as well. Why else would they go talk to the constable and not my wife who pays their bills? Therefore I have sent both companies that we pay our after tax dollars to for their services exactly the same material that Constable Moore was served on Friday August 12th plus a copy of my letter that I just faxed to the Chief Justice of the District Court who sent the bad acting Yankee bastards to our home.

I have sent my wife to deliver in had to the lawyer who practices law not to far from our home. Peter H. Collins was also elected to make certain that things run smoothl;y and ethically within our county. I know what I said to him and faxed to him too long ago for him to pretend to me that he is an honest man now. However methinks he had better get on his phone if his line has not been cut and call all the crooked lawyers in Norfolk county right now and figure out how to smooth things over ASAP. I am about to put our little town of Milton on the map. Many fancy Yankee lawyers are about to show their nasty arses all over the world. Peter Collins may find himself quite famous in short order. I sent him and Manuel Casabielle exactly the same material I sent the old bastard from Dedham. Everybody knows who he is. Hell he owns CBS.

The CD which is a copy of police surveillance tape # 139 is served upon all of you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. Should someone call the FBI ASAP to ask what the hell is going on in law enforcement? If all else fails and the Feds will not fill you dudes in, the lawyers for the internet companies can review some of my private emails that their companies blocked just before the federal election last year. Those emails should have caused them to act ethically a long time ago rather than blocking my correspondence to other lawyers or politicians who had claimed to have an interest in my concerns and allegations as they sought to be elected. Maybe after receiving hard copy of some of the documents that they can find within my emails the light will dawn on Marblehead and integrity will have a far more important meaning to lawyers after this. With luck it may become more than just another word.

In closing I must repeat it and spell it in capital letters for you INTEGRITY is very important for lawyers, politicians, bankers and priests to understand the meaning of. Without it there is no public trust of their chosen professions. That is why many jokes such as politicians are just lawyers who have gone really bad ring oh so true. Get it?

If I were you Mr. Peter H. Collins I would get on the phone right now to your very corrupt Yankee friends such as Chief Mearn of the Milton Police, the District Attorney Keating and the Register of Deeds little Willy O’Donnell. You should all make certain that the crooked little Constables with the big guns under Constable Michael C. Moore and their many friends from Triple M. movers in Brockton do not make a move against me today or ever for that matter. Here is their numbers just in case you want to calll themFrom this point on things are only going to get worse for you damned Yankees. I am emailing this letter and blogging it around the world. I will lay odds lawyers and cops hate being made famous in such a fashion. If you don’t like it, sue me. I double dog dare ya too. You damned Yankees are gonna get famous anyway as soon as the ex FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. starts spilling the Beans about Beantown way down in Dixieland. If the Feds put an end to him in the Miami lock up and he joins H. Paul Rico in Hell too soon for the FBI’s benefit, I will make certain that everybody knows that you knew my of my concerns about his well being first and had a copy of police wiretap tape to prove to you all that I am no liar. Triple M. Movers may have many more in storage as early as today.

There is a very good reason that the Assistant District Attorney Alicia McDonnell and Judge Hanlon caused the many original wiretap tapes that I gave them to disappear. Perhaps you should call Beth D. McLaughlin of the Dept of Public Safety and make certain the wiretap tapes in my home are kept very securely if Triple M movers storm into my home and remove them. It would be for the benefit John J. Connolly Jr. and your own selves as well. I truly think he is the sneaky bastard that threw them in the dumpster in Beantown years ago. Instead of the Feds keeping the tapes in confidence or using them as evidence they try to be rid of them in such an off handed way? They must be valuable evidence if only to the people recorded upon them in order to seek releif from the wanton invasion of their privacy. Imagine if I were to send such a tape of your family to someone else? At least I am ethical enough only to send just one tape to cops or officers of the court in a sincere effort to see that it is properly investigated.

The Ex FBI dude’s lawyer Manuel Casabielle should ask him to listen to the CD real closely, just in case he recognizes anyone. Even if he does not it is still very powerful evidence against the Feds. If my suspicions are true the shit will hit the fan in Beantown very soon or both John J. Connolly Jr. and I will be dead. Do you fancy Yankee dudes want our blood to be found on your hands?

Veritas Vincit
David R. Amos
PO Box 73
Acworth, NH 03601

September 11th, 2004

Dear Mr. Amos,

On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, I acknowledge receipt of two sets of documents and CD regarding corruption, one received from you directly, and the other forwarded to us by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

I regret to inform you that the Governor General cannot intervene in matters that are the responsibility of elected officials and courts of Justice of Canada. You already contacted the various provincial authorities regarding your concerns, and these were the appropriate steps to take.

Yours sincerely.
Renee Blanchet
Office of the Secretary to the
Governor General

David Raymond Amos said...

Nope I just checked Scotty Baby Agnew must strictly moniter every coment posted within the Irving Empire's Domain EH?

He certainly brags about you and you senses of ethics though. Lets all see if if you hold up to the phrase "full disclosure" Spinksey Baby failed this simple ethical stress test bigtime just like you did N'est Pas Chucky Leblanc?

Irving says this of you and I quote them from the web address you provide as you cross post your words but not mine (Must be careful of their copyright claims even within comments or emails until we meet in court eh?)

Full disclosure is a very important term to me. I certainly hope you believe in it too. But I do remeber you deleting my words in the past even though you deny it. Hence I don't trust you not even a little bit particularly when you do not have the sand to say your name. A noname critic deserves no respect and their words should carry no weight in my book anyway.

"NBPolitico From the Left
Our left-of-centre political blogger tackles New Brunswick issues from the left-wing perspective. He is a New Brunswicker passionate about his province and his politics and writes about his take on the political scene in New Brunswick and Canada. In the interests of full disclosure, he has been a member of the New Brunswick Liberal Party since 2001 but previously was a member of the Progressive Conservatives. Though a Liberal member and usually a Liberal supporter, he is not afraid to applaud any party or politician who does good and scold those who do bad."

Anonymous said...

The fact you ask to be deleted and then spam a blog shows you are a kook. Why don't you trying being polite and normal and then you might get somewhere?

nbpolitico said...

I wish you wouldn't post ridiculously long off topic posts, but I won't deleted them.

Noneone at CanadaEast or Irving has any control over this blog, in case you haven't noticed, this is a blog on, owned by Google.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd delete them. They're a pile of crap and so is the writer.

David Raymond Amos said...

I am not off topic I ran in the last provincial election Remember when you deleted me? Furthermore you called Wally a weasel but failed to explain why he and his wife crossed the floor. That is when I made my first comment in this particular blog. I figure you allowed it to stand is merely because others made comments afterwards, the yoyo attacked me and I saved the webpage as I defended myself from the slander.

FYI I served Wally evidence of many crimes just like I served your local hero T.J Burke three years ago on June 24th, 2004 when I was running against Rob Moore for his seat in the 38th Parliament. That was also the same day that I met Danny Boy Bussieres and his cohorts in the Fat Fred City Finest for the first time. They thought they could scare me as they illegally banished me from the Legislature. Their wrongful acts only made me angry and I complained of the malicious act to the Polce Commission with my wife and a lawyer present when the former Chief Carlisle and Speaker Bev harrison would do nothing. Everybody and his dog knows that I kept going back to the legislature until Bussieres put something in writing years later. Remember? If not where do you think I was in January of 2006 when I talked to Steve Murphy on live CTV News as I was running against Andy Scott for his seat in the 39th Parliament or that day in October of 2004 as I argued with Bernie Lord and some of his former Cabinet Ministers?

The fact that this is a blog run by google is exactly why I am using it to make my point about your new employer the Irvings.

It was Canadaeast that had Google delete my blog about your fellow blogger Chucky Leblanc and them. They also had Yahoo kill two of email accounts as well based upon Scotty Baby Agnew's false allegations. Ask Scotty Baby Agnew why or his boss and yours Jamie Irving why.

Better yet Google three words Just Dave RCMP or take a short cut and simple press on my name in this blog. I am just warming up against your new bosses the Irvings. However they should never forget that they picked this fight for the benefit of of your hero T.J. Burke. What they said of me above the fold in the Gleaner on May 24th the day after Charles Lelanc and the following dudes broke the icecap on the story I will not forget so easily.

Threat against Burke taken seriously

Published Thursday May 24th, 2007
Appeared on page A1

As for the anoying little bureacrat with no name, he should take his own advice N'est Pas? His insults are a little redundant. Nervous people often stutter too much for their own good EH?

David Raymond Amos said...

Here is a little proof that Yahoo and Google got very nervous after they had killed my blog and Yahoo email accounts for the benefit of the Irvings. their problem that others exist that are not so easily dismissed.

It was too funny that the Yahoo lawyers had to use my gmail account to contact me because they had killed their own. N'est Pas?

On 10/19/07, Yahoo! Customer Care wrote:

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

This is Amelia from the Yahoo! Executive Concierge Team. I'm writing in regard to the concern you filed with our executive offices.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience. You may reply to this email or call us at 888-277-0811.

Please note that we are available 8am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

We thank you for your patience in this matter. In an effort to provide you with the best, most efficient care possible, the following information would be very helpful:

Contact Phone Number#:

Best time and day to call between 8am-5pm Pacific time (-8:00 GMT)
Monday thru Friday:

Kindest Regards,


Yahoo! Customer Care Concierge Team....At your service!

Anonymous said...

They killed your blog because they had so many complaints from people that you were harassing them. Take the hint.

nbpolitico said...

David, I think you are a little bit confused because some of the remarks you are attributing to me, I never made, but other commenters on this blog made.

As for your repeated referral of the Irving's as my "employer", they are not my employer. I write a blog there because it gives me more exposure, they do not pay me nor do they control my comment.

As for my deleting your posts, it is getting pretty close to becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. I have never deleted comments before but you are tempting me with your lengthy off topic posts.

This is a post about Jeannot Volpe's reaction to the cabinet shuffle. Please restrict your comments to that general frame of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir, its the world against David Amos. Must be tough to have the Irvings, the Legislature, the RCMP, the City of Fredericton, CanadaEast and likely even Colonel Sanders himself out to get you.

Charles Leblanc is often accused of being a kook but compared to David Amos, Charles is a Rhodes Scholar and epitome of class.

Delete the off topic rant above NBPolitico. Otherwise, it just gives him an audience for his rants and tirades that have nothing to do with the subject at hand or even this blog in general.

CE said...

Just so Mr. Amos understands, NBPolitico's blog entries are cross-posted to his CanadaEast blog (at his discretion), comments are not cross posted. To make a comment on CanadaEast, Mr. Amos simply needs to register for a free account.

NBPolitico is not employed by CanadaEast nor is he censored on CanadaEast. His opinions are his own and he is free to discuss any topic he chooses.

Also, for the benefit of Mr. Amos, Jamie Irving is not associated with CanadaEast beyond his role as publisher of the Telegraph Journal. Mr. Amos seems to like to blame Jamie for every problem he faces in life. I just wanted to clarify, Jamie is not associated with CanadaEast so feel free to hold me solely responsible for your woes Mr. Amos.

Scott Agnew
Web Services Manager
CanadaEast Interactive

NB taxpayer said...

For the record David, some of the remarks you are attributing to me above, I never made, but other commenters on this thread made. The only comment I made [above] has my link nbtaxpayer beside it. Your guess is as good as mine to who the rest are?

Like I said before, try to stay on topic and refrain from using foul language and threats and you'll have no problem.

David Raymond Amos said...

Just because you claim it don't make it so Scotty Baby. I am dealing with your false allegations right now remember?

For the record Jamie Irving is also an editor for the Kings County Record. He bragged of it when he became one of the directors or whatever for the Beaverbrook Art gallery. Check your own records Scotty Baby.

Also for the recod I called Jamie's office three times, the RCMP several times and then your lawyer once BEFORE Google killed my blog about you and Chucky Leblanc and Yahoo killed my email accounts based on your false allegations against me. As you well know I emailed the entire blog about chucky and you to many people before it was maliciously deleted by Google.

Also for the record my blog was created before the Google dudes bought the company from Blogger or whatever. Check my two profiles for yourself.

Also for the record someone with no ID keeps calling me a kook. That is an interstesting term. I read every word carefully to recognize writng styles and certain tells. That term "Kook" was employed by none other than Brent Taylor when he wrote for the Gleaner to describe other bloggers other than himself and his friends right after Chucky was banished from the LEG. I suspect Brent is the same person using the term "Kook" now as well. Furthermore as I have said many times before, I believe Brent Taylor is Spinks and he has never denied it.

David Raymond Amos said...

where is my foul language and who said I made threats?

Spinks said...

If it will make you happy, David consider it denied. I am not Brent Taylor.

Anonymous said...

If it was Brent, then sitemeter would show that the person commenting under the pseudonym spinks was from Charlottetown. Spinks is clearly in Freddy...which is in another province from where Brent lives. Nice try though.

David Raymond Amos said...

I heard that Brent got a job with Greg Thompson at Veteren Affairs after he and I both were losers in the last provincial election. Thompson does have an office in Fat Fred City. How do we know he does not hang his hat there most of the time? the conservatives would be better served to have a spindoctor on top of the New Brunswick scene rather than PEI. They ain't gone get any seats over there in the next election N'est Pas?

Furthermore this is the first time that Spinksy Baby has bothered to deny my belief. Why? whether or not i am wrong, what about the posts I commented on in 101 people screwing up Canada? Every one was right on topic and Chucky Leblanc got the proof that it was done.

David Raymond Amos said...

BTW where is the link to your sitemeter NBPolitico? I don't see it how someone with no name can read it if you are no one and the same?

Spinks said...

David, you have never left a post on topic on any of my blogs. You were warned and continued anyway. NB Politico clearly has more patience than I.

Spinks said...

Oh speaking of off-topic, sorry about that NBPolitico. Feel free to delete my posts that are noweher near what you wrote. This thread clearly went off the rails.

nbpolitico said...

I value my anonymity. If you wish to assume I am Jamie Irving, Spinks or Shawn Graham, that is your call.

I am a man of my word, and I will not delete the posts you have made to date. However, to present threads from decending into irrelevancy in the future, off topic posters will get one warning and subsequent posts will be deleted. You are like the bad kid in kindergarten, David, and have ruined it for everyone else. Please accept this as a personal warning to you for future off topic posts; they will be deleted.

I would welcome you to continue visiting the site and posting comments, so long as they are on topic or in response to other comments that have been deemed on topic.