Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ashfield wins

According to commenter "fredericton tory", New Maryland-Sunbury West MLA Keith Ashfield has won the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for the riding of Fredericton.

It was a narrow victory on the second ballot.

Ashfield can retain his provincial seat until a federal election is called, so there won't be a by-election anytime soon. However, the Liberals would be heavily favoured to pick up Ashfield's provincial seat.

Federally this victory moves Fredericton from my "too close to call" column and into the "leans Tory" one. The longer we wait for a federal election, I think the better the chances are for Ashfield who can campaign full time and use his one-on-one charm to win over those parts of the riding he hasn't already represented.


Anonymous said...

You're high. Ashfield is yet another of the mouth breathing socons the Conservative Party insists on putting up as candidates in Fredericton. It will be the Liberals by 5000 votes, again. What was really shocking was the number of ex-COR members who were hanging around Ashfield's booth. It's simply embarrassing for Conservatives like myself who have held the (apparently misguided) belief that they was some concept of progressive left in the party in this area.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:59

This is a blow for the MacKay faction in New Brunswick against Bernard Lord's man. May show that Loverboy Pete's influence within the Cons is weaker than expected.

I am surprised that the Cons do not use Single Transferable Vote for their party nominations.

nbpolitico said...

Ashfield is hardly a hardcore so-con, if he has we wouldn't have run for the PCs in the 1991 election and lost to COR.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That's right, I'm sure when he says he is pro life and supports strong family values, he means it in a very progressive manner and not by the political definition we are all too familiar with.

You Liberals should be over the moon today. You're up against the reincarnation of Kent Fox & Pat Lynch.

Anonymous said...

Just one problem....the Liberal candidate David Innes is a socon too.

Maybe the NDP should be over the moon?

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't have a candidate!

Holy f^ck, I never ever thought these words would cross my lips but I wonder if we can convince Andy to stay on board?

Spinks said... life and supports strong family values.

Ah, only in Liberalese are those things considered bad. Strong loving families and less babies killed through abortion, oh the horror.

Besides N.B. is pretty split on the abortion issue particularly when you ask people if they want abortion without any restrictions (which interesting enough is the way it is now).

Regardless, neither the provincial Liberals or PC's have embraced paying a private clinic (IE: Morgentaler) to perform abortions and federally all parties have been pretty wussy on the issue and choose to ignore it completely so any candidate saying they're pro-life or pro-abortion without restrictions means squat since they won't do anything about it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Spinks, don't be silly. You know as well as everyone else does when a candidate claims he supports strong family values, the last thing he/she means is "strong loving families". It's a phrase that conveniently sets out their opposition to abortion, homosexuality, feminism, etc. without having to clearly state those positions since it is politically damaging.

But the whole point here is to not debate the merits of these positions. The point is that the Conservatives have put up a candidate for three elections running now with the same set of beliefs and have gotten soundly throttled in the past two. At what point do you say to yourself, gee, maybe we should try another tact? Especially troubling this time around was that they had the perfect candidate to do just that in MacDonald.

Anonymous said...

Spinks said:Strong loving families and less babies killed through abortion, oh the horror.

Republican Senator Larry Craig stands for strong family values!

nbpolitico said...

Maybe I am completely out to lunch but in an election where social issues probably aren't going to be at the forefront, I don't see how Ashfield is damaged by this.

Ashfield is not cut from the same cloth as Fox and Lynch. Fox ran one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen so he is not really grounds for comparison.

The difference between a guy like Pat Lynch and a guy like Keith Ashfield is like the difference between Gary Bauer and Mike Huckabee. They may both hold right-wing views on social issues, but one comes off as an extremist and one doesn't because he is soft and friendly.

Anonymous said...

They may both hold right-wing views on social issues, but one comes off as an extremist and one doesn't because he is soft and friendly.

So the center left (which is the majority in Fredericton) would despise one and pity the other. In either case, they're not going to vote for them.

c.-jl. said...

"They may both hold right-wing views on social issues, but one comes off as an extremist and one doesn't because he is soft and friendly.

So the center left (which is the majority in Fredericton) would despise one and pity the other. In either case, they're not going to vote for them."

Where's the marijuana party with a candidate when you need them?

Spinks said...

I'm not convinced the centre-left are going to embrace the Conservatives regardless. The biggest group to win however is the undecided who don't really fit a pigeon hole ideology. With Dion at the helm, it's the Liberals who have their work cut out for them next election.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Spinks. The center left are not going to embrace the Conservative party but they might embrace a Conservative candidate who embodies a lot of their own beliefs when they are not entirely happy with their leader or shape of the party. The Conservatives took that option off the table last night by electing Ashfield. He embodies why those Fredericton swing voters have stayed clear of the Conservatives the past two elections.

Spinks said...

I don't know. I tend to think the Liberals scare tactics "Harper eats babies" stuff tended to actually work the last couple of elections plus NBPolitico is right, Kent Fox was an awful candidate.

Still, I suspect MacDonald would have done better but I'll be surprised if the Liberals hang on to Fredericton. Maybe with a different leader but not with Dion.

Anonymous said...


If there was still any question about the kind of support Ashfield will garner, check out the comment on Charles' post and then go to the guy's profile.

Spinks said...

Mike McKay is...passionate. However I've never found anything Mike's written to be that over the top. He has a different point of view but with rare exception I've always found him respectful. He does a pile of work with the pro-life movement for sure but also with CNIB (he's blind) and the soup kitchen. I don't think those are bad qualities to have in your corner.

Anonymous said...

Ashfield's lived in greater fton his life. Macdonald doesn't live here, never had a real job here, has no family here (parents or wife/kids), didn't go to school/church (i don't think) here, etc, etc... he has no connection this riding except his political ambition because it's easy pickings (his words).

seems like a lot of Ashfield bashers rather this peter mackay import over a local.

Even kent fox as dumb as he was had community roots. I'd take dumb over a drop-in- even if he spent the last two years campaagning since his first defeat. good thing he has a cushy ottawa job thanks to his fellow nova scotian sugar daddy. he's probably back there already.

Anonymous said...

I'd take dumb over a drop-in

What can you say about political wisdom like that? You know what's really funny about such an ignorant statement? The Conservative need to swing about 3000 votes their way to win. Number of new residents of Fredericton from 2001 to 2006? You guessed it - 3000.

Anonymous said...

guess you'd rather elite and educated british rule than poor 'ole canadian rule eh?

guess you'd rather an unelected senator than a local boy mp?

some of you guys make me laugh. you have no no pride in your community and prefer imports over domestic. course then again you probably don't care about the community anyway so what the hell eh?

fredericton tory said...

I find it disrespectful (and laughable) to attack a candidate so viciously based on a lack of "community roots." I have only lived in Fredericton for a few years - does that mean my opinions are to be disregarded? Does living in the same spot for 50 years count for everything to you, anon 4:04? Fredericton is one of the fastest growing municipalities in New Brunswick - meaning that a large chunk of the population doesn't give a rat's ass about how many of a candidate's blood relatives live within a 10-mile radius. Nor should they.

And to add: people can be active in a community and care about its well-being without being born there. I'm originally from the Miramichi, but have been far more active in the community in Fredericton than I ever was back home. To insinuate that "new arrivals" to Fredericton are a bunch of free-loading community haters is insulting, since they're as much a part of the community as anyone else. Keith Ashfield's ancestors we new arrivals once too, you know.

Oh, and I didn't bring my parents with me when I relocated or get married the second I got here, either. Guess I'd be a terrible MP - we all know that single people are inherently worthless compared to people with a family. Because we all know that people don't vote unless they have a spouse and at least 2 kids...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, what are you yammering on about anon 4:04? British rule? Unelected senators?

Nice comment about the imports over domestics though. Very timely seeing how GM announced a $39 billion quarterly loss yesterday while Toyota made a $4 billion profit over the same period. The parallels to the nomination are striking.

Do go on though. It's entertaining as hell having a view into your thought process.

Anonymous said...

Local "boy" MP? Old fart Ashfield has maybe two terms in him at best and that is making the assumption he will actually be elected by Fredericton. The latter I doubt, as the Cons continue to elect the same tired, old candidate each and every go rather than a young, dynamic professional who can attract real majority support.

Ashfield has little to no support in Minto, Chipman and the Lakes area due to closing the Park. Despite the common belief that Oromocto votes strongly Conservative - they don't (go look) - so Ashfield won't garner much support there. And if anyone thinks centre-left leaning downtown Fredericton is going to vote for a Conservative "good ole boy" when the Liberals have nominated an identical 50-something "Old Fredericton" candidate, give your head a shake.

Brian had all the qualities this riding needed - youth, real global experience, education and connections in Ottawa. Not to mention massive support in the Minto/Chipman area, ideals that coincide with those of a broad spectrum of downtown Fredericton residents, strong student support, and the ex-military background to pull voting favour in Oromocto.

Ashfield will be putting his "fishing rod" and "hunting rifle" to good use, following a loss to David Innes, when he's sitting on his butt, collecting an MLA pension.

nbt said...

Congrats nb politico. That was your pick wasn't it?

Oh, btw, if anyone cares, I am in the camp that believes politicians should never campaign full-time for one job while trying to do another. I guess that's just the memories of that Bernard Lord thingy coming out in me. Plus, taxpayers in New Maryland-Sunbury West would be better served if they had an MLA, no matter what political stripe, with 100 per cent focus and dedication in the riding rather than just 50 or 20.

If he serious about a run at a seat in Ottawa, Ashfield should give up his provincial seat immediately.

Anonymous said...

I too find the comment about "domestic vs imports" to be extremely insulting and ignorant. But thats really what this was all about, and Ashfield's thread bare victory was about old establish Fredericton keeping out new blood. Heck they even had to team up to do it.
Brian represented all of us who chose (made a conscious decision) to live in Fredericton and make it our home (as opposed to those who are here by an accident of birth)
This establishment victory is a snub and a statement that the tired old status quo is preferable.

What erks me is that Ashfield only entered the nomination after he heard that Andy Scot was to retire, whereas Brian was willing to take on the long term incumbent. Seriously, did Ashfield have nothing useful to contribute to the rebuilding of the provincial Tories, or was this simply too difficult? I even heard he was upset that he had to run in a nomination and that he wasn't going to be acclaimed!
Well, you get what you ask for. I believe that this will split the Tory vote.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you guys are so much in your own bubble and so far removed from reality it isn't funny. All three candidates were excellent and that is what most were saying at the convention. Ashfield had more local content in his speech, McDonald had more high level global content and Forstall discussed "family and morals". They provided different perspectives. Reality is there were 1400 supporters present, probably the largest in NB this election. Liberals only had about 400 at theirs and the NDP candidate quit. So if that is an indication things look good for fredericton to go Conservative this time.

Brian, Keith and William are party supporters and will all work together to win the riding back. Brian worked very hard, but came up a little short to Keith's experienced team. He brought on board MLA Carr from Oromocto in the last few weeks that provided a needed boost of organization. Carr virtually won all polling divisions in the last three elections with large marjorities in a tradional tight swing vote riding.

I think the riding will be served well by Ashfield or Innes with both men being above the boards. Innes is not very outgoing and has not made the community contacts that Ashfield has recently and does not have the election experience that Ashfield has. This, plus the National Liberal Party in disarray and Dion unpopularity will virtually hand the election to Ashfield. Ashfield is a moderate, in favor of lower taxes but helping the needy who is friendly, works hard and has accomplished a number of things at the local level for the people. He attends everything in his riding and people like him. He was born in Fredericton and graduated from high school in Oromocto and went to university in Fredericton. He has owned and run busineesses in Fredericton and Oromocto too. He resides in Lincoln. So good reasons why he has a better chance than previous Conservatives to win. This, plus the fact strong-hold Andy Scott who garners support from all walks will not be running again.

Anonymous said...

There is some truth to Ashfield being an old boy's club candidate, but he may have an easier time getting the electorate's attention than Brian would have.

David Innes is pretty well known in town as is his wife. Dave Morell would have been a better candidate, but I've heard a lot of people ask who Brian is and whether he could have made a good constituency MP when he has little experience in the riding. Most people know Keith, and he seems to be a straightforward person. Brian was a question mark, and it's hard to run a question mark in small town Atlantic Canada.

The question in my mind is whether he'll appeal to the moderates and progressives who have abandoned conservatism for the last two elections here in Fton. People like their local candidates around here. Brian seems like he'd be a good candidate in urban Ontario where door-to-door and local constituency ability has a different importance, or Halifax where he could have played to an audience that knows him on a more personal basis.

NB Tory Lady said...

The point is: whether you lived here all your life...or moved here a few years ago.....all of the conservatives will now have to pull together....set the differences aside and make Fredericton conservative again..... get it?

It is a tough task. Hard work needed. A change in thinking now has to happen. One was used to thinking just you have to think double....provincially but get your head around federal lingo and matters.

Let's go get em Fredericton !!!!

Eugene said...

NBP? What are all these Conservatives doing here and why is NB Tory Lady holding a rally in here?

Very interesting thread though. I think the Ashfield folks are missing a very key point that these comments bring out. In Fredericton, the split on the right is alive and well. I was speaking to people who were there last night and 3 out of 5 said they would not vote Conservative next election. There is a large group of Conservatives who hold out hope each time that a Red Tory will win the nomination and ever since the right "united" they have been disappointed each time. They are people who have no problem voting Liberal if it means keeping the right wing candidates out of Ottawa. It's why Scott's vote percentage is better now than when the right was split. Those old PC votes go hard left. I don't see things changing this time around no matter how rough the Liberals look right now.

My 2 cents.

Fredericton Tory said...

"The point is: whether you lived here all your life...or moved here a few years ago.....all of the conservatives will now have to pull together....set the differences aside and make Fredericton conservative again..... get it?"

Hopefully Ashfield realizes this, and can somewhat patch up the divide on the right that exists in Fredericton - lord knows the last two Conservative candidates had no intention of doing so, and it showed in their election night results. What makes me nervous is the fact that those two previous candidates are prominent Ashfield supporters, and that they'll carry that obstinate and uncompromising attitude into yet another election.

By the way, I don't loathe Ashfield the way that other contributors seem to, but I feel like I went to supper expecting filet mignon and ended up with a cheeseburger. Not that cheeseburgers are bad, mind you, but I sure hope that the cheeseburgers at the restaurant across the street are worse than our own.

Fredericton Tory said...

Before I take off, I'll comment on this line in particular:

"...all of the conservatives will now have to pull together..."

Except for the fact that a number of Macdonald's supporters weren't "capital-C" Conservatives at all, but swing voters, Red Tory ex-pats, first-time voters, university students, and the like - people who could easily have parked (and still could park) their votes elsewhere. In contrast, Ashfield's support seemed to come more from the "Tory 'til I die" camp - who I doubt would stay home in a federal election if there was any winnability for the Conservatives in Fredericton at all, regardless of the candidate.

It's actually interesting how much of a stir this nomination seems to have caused around here - is there a precedent for this? Were the boards flooded to this degree when Lynch was nominated in 2006? And most of all, is this a good sign or a bad sign for Conservative prospects in Fredericton?

NB Tory Lady said...

Well sorry Eugene didnt know I was replying on a "left" or red tory board...
If I could I would take my comments out....
I will also take politics from a new brunswick perspective off my blog....for no other reason than I am happy being a conservative and from the light reading I did of this blog had no idea of the magnitude of dissention...
oh well..
I was at the nomination meeting...I didnt see the 3 out of 5 who were oblivious to events there....
but I am a first time attender of these kinds of events and sat by myself not mingling.....just taking it in...

every best wish...and so long

Anonymous said...

"Brian worked very hard, but came up a little short to Keith's experienced team."

I agree that Ashfield's team is certainly experienced, and Carr is an organizational talent. However, it was my impression that Keith's backroom deal (presumably done well before the nomiation) for second ballot support from Will's group won the night.

Brian is looked upon by the "moral" and "family values" crowd as a distant second to Ashfield. While that narrow group of voters only comprised some 130 delegates, they still carried the night for Keith.

One can always say "that's politics" and chalk it up to Ashfield's connections or experience, but I will find it hard to support Keith regardless.

Fredericton Tory said...

nbtorylady, I think eugene's intent was light-hearted, and not malicious - besides, he isn't the blog owner anyway, so don't rush to remove a blog as good as this one from your list :)

nbpolitico said...

Eugene - good to see you, I thought you had disappeared. Where have you been?

Tory lady - whether Eugene was serious or not, I run this place and am happy to see a diversity of comments, red, blue or otherwise, so I encourage you to contribute.

NBT - I wouldn't call Ashfield my candidate or say congrats are in order for me; I was just reporting that according to Liberals I know, he was the most likely candidate to defeat them thus making him a good choice for Tories and a bad one for Liberals. Certainly the passion shown in this thread might suggest otherwise and, if so, it wouldn't be the first time Liberals in general or me specifically have been wrong :p

Others - I've been playing in politics for a long time and in my experience the ideology of a local candidate doesn't matter much because in terms of policy, voters are looking to the leader and the party platform. Therefore, whether Ashfield is far right - and he chose PC over COR so there must be some degree of moderation to him - or not doesn't really matter on election day. Candidates are a small variable in most voters calculation and all a candidate can do to help himself win is to work hard, put together a team that can ID the vote and get it out to the polls and, finally, for those voters who are leaning one way or the other, make a one-on-one connection with them and seal the deal for the party. This is what the Liberals fear in Ashfield. In 1999, he defeated a popular cabinet minister and rising star in the party. In 2003, despite a red surge, particularly in Fredericton, he defeated that former minister again. In 2006, he won while his party was on the way out and while the Liberals were cementing their hold on Fredericton. Why? Because he was able to win over almost every swing voter at the door. Can he do this in downtown Fredericton and other parts of the riding? Only time will tell but it is the same general quality required to do that so I expect he will.

For those referring to Fredericton as centre-left, I am not sure if we are talking about the same city or not? Certainly in-and-around campus and portions of the civil service would fit into that category but much of the south side is part of the traditional elite Tory mold while the Northside has a rural style mentality and conservative ideology. That leaves the city itself at least half or better in the "small c" conservative realm and the city makes up only a bit better than half the population of the riding. Tack on the rest and you definitely have a conservative district.

The Tories didn't lose in 2006 because of a left-right split, the traditional PC inner workers didn't get their candidate but they were not operating on an ideological basis. This time both the PC group and the more ideological right group were backing the same candidate and he won and that will make a big difference in the all important game of organization while the candidate has a proven record of closing the deal on the door step.

Anonymous said...

"It's actually interesting how much of a stir this nomination seems to have caused around here - is there a precedent for this? Were the boards flooded to this degree when Lynch was nominated in 2006? And most of all, is this a good sign or a bad sign for Conservative prospects in Fredericton?"

Interesting. Blogging has taken off, and will be a bigger factor.

The 2005 nomination was dirtier than the other night. Marg was attacked for being pro-choice and a Belinda organizer, Lynch was attacked for using inside files to organize, Raj was attacked for being brown in post 9-ll and Barbara was attacked for being aimless. I heard all the attacks because me and my buddies were on the floor, and most came from the Lord establishment types who were backing Ashfield and the Harper/CoR people.

Blogging that would have been cool. Like on how the official recount process was hijacked by the CoR people and riding exec to protect Lynch. It was only a 3 vote difference. I went home but heard from someone who stayed that the riding tried to have the ballots destroyed that night immediately to prevent a recount.

The 2005 riding exec was corrupted, but this time I found the exec seemed fair. Awareness is wrong when she bags on the political games on the floor. It's politics, but there's a certain nasty factor that I saw in 2005 that I didn't this time.

I think the Tories are divided worse now than before, and Eugene is right. A lot of ex-PC'ers will vote Liberal or NDP with a clean conscience since Ashfield has gone hard right.

nbt said...

I was speaking to people who were there last night and 3 out of 5 said they would not vote Conservative next election.

I've seen this scenerio play out a thousand of times before. They're just a bit worked up because the nomination battle is still fresh in their memory. All the bad blood will blow over in a few weeks or months.

And for the record, Mike Morrison and his supporters were initially irate a few months back after he was defeated by Bill Tozer down in the Miramichi citing dirty tricks. Many said they would sit on their hands and never vote conservative. Guess what?? They are all now part of his campaign team.

Notwithstanding Jean Chretien, most ppl would rather be an asset to the party they support rater than a sore loser holding a petty grudge.

Eugene said...

NB Tory Lady - that was indeed a joke.

NBP - Very hectic over the past month. Business is good and while I know you all hang on my every word, real life sometimes doesn't give me the time to dispense my wisdom as often as the public desires ;)

I somewhat disagree though with your idea that ideology doesn't matter locally. Granted there are some who would vote for their party of choice no matter who ran. But I think there are a fair number of people who know their MP doesn't really have any say what form the policy takes. As a result, they look at the person and determine whether or not they represent their ideology and that is why the whole concept of leftwing/ rightwing/ progressive/ socon, etc.. has become so prevalent over the past few decades - because the politicians and interest groups know that people will vote for someone who lines up with their ideals so they constantly push these qualities on voters.

In this case, you have a large group of people who certainly view themselves as progressive individuals. Their ideals trump party loyalty every time. The story I have from the convention is that Ashfield was the EDA's choice and apparently executive members were even working the floor aggressively for him. It was clear MacDonald was the choice of the Red Tories and such a blatant display of power by the EDA members was what really pissed the old PC people off. And I have to say, I don't blame them. If your EDA insists on electing candidates who line up with them ideologically and that ideology has been soundly rejected by the voters in Fredericton over the past two elections, at what point do you seek another party that better represents your views. Especially when the equation is so pathetically simple. The right will always vote conservative. Period. So if your candidate is in the center you get right + some center which will always be > right alone which is all you get if you nominate candidates from the right.

You don't need to read Tom Flanagan's book to figure than one out. Although apparently the Fredericton Conservative EDA does.

Anonymous said...

Well it's nice to see all the Grits and all of anti Kieth people are talking. By the sounds of all the blogs and NB Lady, well I guess I now know who you are not much of a Tory when you cant even support a winner sad very sad. As someone who worked for the EDA durring this process I would have to say all those against the winner have some sour grapes, Guess what Kieth Ashfield won get over it, there was all kinds of games this Campaign and those people who played those dirty games I guess you know who you are because we do. This convention was well run correct in its process and even broke a record one person said 900+ voted in less than 35 min, there was very few spoiled ballots the rules were followed and at the end of the day we have an effective Canidate and it looks like the Grits are scared. Brian, Will and Kieth did a great Job and those that lost were real Gentalman a true testament to thier quality as canidates and Torys in general my hat is off to both. NBP great blog and keep up the great work.

Eugene said...

Gotta make it 40....

Fredericton Tory said...

"Well it's nice to see all the Grits and all of anti Kieth people are talking. By the sounds of all the blogs and NB Lady, well I guess I now know who you are not much of a Tory when you cant even support a winner sad very sad. As someone who worked for the EDA durring this process I would have to say all those against the winner have some sour grapes, Guess what Kieth Ashfield won get over it"

^And THIS is why the MacDonald people are so P.O.'d.

Anonymous said...

Ideology of the candidates is a factor, I don't think the main factor. It comes down to organization, personality and networking.

The numbers were close, there will always be some hurt feelings, that is natural. Most will come on board, some will not. that is also natural and common.

The liberals, although not as large as a turn-out by far, had a fairly close contest, and not everyone was happy with the outcome on the inner circles, because that is natural.

It is great for the Conservatives this is causing such a stir on the left because I think people see on the Liberal left that Ashfield is a strong force that can win the riding. Andy Scott built coalitions to win the riding for the liberals, the right was divided. This time, it is Ashfield who has the talent to bring people together from all sides, he is not hard anything really...he is a center candidate who connects with people. He built strong coalitions in New Maryland Riding and will likely do the same in the Federal Riding. He is likeable - lets face it, personality goes a long way. Look at Andy Scott, a lot of people didn't like his positions on certain policies but people liked him and because he worked for everyone that called him regardless of their politics he kept winning. He was likeable.

Ashfield is likeable, and works for everyone, no matter their political background. I think he has a chance to win now. And I really think enough Conservatives from the convention will get on board and work together. It is clear that Forrestal and Ashfield already have joined forces, and McDonald is a party guy working for Peter McKay and has a vested interest to see this riding go with the government, he will be on board for sure. He was a true gentleman at the nomination after the results were counted. He has a lot to offer that Ashfield will utilize.

Anonymous said...

eugene: maybe you should call Joe Clark and see if he is interested in forming another federal progressive conservative party just for the handful of Frednecks that are unhappy after wednesday night?

Ooops, maybe not, Scott Brison, Kurt Beers and John Heron are already spoken for. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

From anonymous 1:14

“As someone who worked for the EDA durring … I guess you know who you are because we do.”

Nice olive branch, threats work great for me. There are 307 other ridings in this country I can volunteer my time, money and effort in.

From anonymous 2:56

“Macdonald doesn't live here”
He lives in Marysville on Canada Street.

“never had a real job here”
Except as an Officer in the Canadian Forces & property developer.

“has no family here (parents or wife/kids)”
The one correct thing in your diatribe, he is single.

“didn't go to school/church (i don't think) here”
Many, many courses at Base Gagetown (taught some of them I believe) and attends St. Andrew’s Presbyterian (I think it is on George Street, could be Charlotte though)

“he has no connection this riding except his political ambition because it's easy pickings (his words)”
He never said anything of the sort and does not think that.

“I'd take dumb over a drop-in”
You did.

“he spent the last two years campaagning since his first defeat”
mmmmm….. hard work, you are correct on this too. Your candidate is notoriously the opposite. Even his supporters know it.

“good thing he has a cushy ottawa job”
Senior Policy Advisor to The Honourable Peter MacKay, Defence Minister, while we have troops in Afghanistan. You could call it cushy I guess.

“thanks to his fellow nova scotian sugar daddy”
It is true he had met the Minister twice before his interview with him. Both times in receiving lines, Minister MacKay knew him by his resume only.

“he's probably back there already”
Actually he went to the market this morning, is visiting a supporter in Geary today and having a small gathering tonight to meet with his campaign team.

Michael G. McKay said...

I think that it is about time that we bring this province back to decent moral and traditional Family Values, we have been sitting on the sidelines for far too long,and have let these liberal, and other professional politicians rob us of the values and decency that has made this province a great one. I don't beleive for one minute that they give one single care for the ordinary citizen. Infact, all they want is the money. That's right, there is millions to be made in abortion, and other crimes against Humanity. And these iligitemate individuals are reaping the blood money by the thousands every hour of everyday.

Think about it

Anonymous said...

Seriously, look at some of the people who are in parliament now. You are left thinking, how on earth did that lazy idiot get elected? You can run a donkey and win if you have a superb campaign team.... So people who voted in this nom based on winnability, are simply people who "think" they understand politics. Come on people, the electorate is fickle, vote for people based on who they are and what they stand for....

comments like "atleast he has a cushy job in Ottawa" (Macdonald) are ridiculous....Think about it.... he would have more of a chance to make a difference in this country with his job than Ashfield, IF he wins, who will be sent to the back benches....

Round number 3 for the old boys club in Fredericton.... I doubt that this third time will be a charm.... This EDA is developing cyclical behaviour.... I'll be watching this riding and likely say "I told you so" for the 3rd time.... Best of luck

SKF said...

See, now I was all set to vote for the conservative party, contrary to the majority of Atlantic Canadians I actually like Stephen Harper. He at least gets the job done. Of course, the majority of the people in the Fredericton were going to vote for Andy Scott. What political colour he is doesn't really matter, though there are a lot of people who just vote liberal, who knows why? Having a new guy in could have swung something for the Conservatives, but I just don't think Keith is it. The fact that he didn't decide to run until he was sure Andy was retiring, and that he seems happy to leave his provincial job for a federal one just shows that he's only in it for political gain, not for anyone else but him. Brian at least was a new face, and he would have been able to pull in support from a lot of people that traditionaly vote liberal. I can't vote for Ashfield, and I can't stand the liberals, I'm just going to have to vote Green, what can I say?

Anonymous said...

Its probably been said a dozen time but just another greasy politition bellying up to the trough in hopes of getting a second government pension for life.

Ashfield you should be ashamed of yourself you were elected to represent a riding Provincially and you abandoned your constituients for the prospect of a fatter wallet.

The biggest concern for any governing party should be apathy amongst the voters , I suspect you will see a very low turnout at the polls. What this says is that the general public doesnt care what happens anymore because the majority of the politicians are going to do what suits themselves rather than what the majority wants.

I for one will not let this happen and intend to vote and hope that many more who have lost faith will do the same and inturn we will show these politicians they work for US not there on personal interests.