Tuesday, November 27, 2007


(crossposted to CanadaEast)

I just noticed the former PC MLA and current Liberal Minister of Human Resources Wally Stiles has hired Terry Keating as his Executive Assistant. Is this the same Terry Keating that was the Liberal that ran against Stiles in last year's election? If so, is he still the mayor of Salisbury while serving as EA to a provinical minister?



RS said...


Even you are inferring a deal may have been made! That could not be possible, the Stiles' are above that.


nbpolitico said...

I honestly meant no such inference and it wouldn't even make any sense, there is no advantage to Stiles in the deal.

He crosses the floor so his defeated opponent from the last election can get a job? That doesn't make any sense.

I merely thought it was interesting how quickly wounds had healed and a rapproachment had been made between the two former opponents. I also wondered how one could be both a municipal mayor and a provincial ministerial staffer.