Monday, November 26, 2007

House sitting preview

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Tomorrow the House will meet to open the second session of the 56th legislature. As a result of Eugene McGinley joining the cabinet, the first order of business will be the election of a new speaker. It is my understanding that Roy Boudreau, currently a deputy speaker, will likely be elected with no opposition from his fellow Liberals, however speakership elections have been unpredictable in New Brunswick since the secret ballot was brought in in 1994 so don't take that to the bank.

The Lieutnenant-Governor will then deliver the Throne Speech outlining the government agenda, there will be some brief debate from the mover and seconder and then the House will adjourn. On Wednesday, the House will meet only for Question Period and then adjourn. On Thursday, the House will meet only for the reply of the official opposition and then adjourn. Routine house business will resume on Friday.

I will keep you updated on the speakership election and the contents of the Throne Speech as they come out.

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