Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Self kudos

A timeline:

Sept. 16 - nbpolitico: Graham to shuffle cabinet in early October
Sept. 19 - NB mainstream media: Graham thinking about cabinet shuffle
Oct. 1 - NB mainstream media: Graham to shuffle cabinet soon


Anonymous said...

you've still got them beat but there was an article in the Times & Transcript on September 19th -- Premier Eyes Cabinet changes?

nbpolitico said...

I must watch more closely.

NB taxpayer said...

You would think you were getting internal emails or something?? LOL!

All kidding aside, good get nbp[

Anonymous said...

NBpolitico, good one. I hope Graham keeps Joan MacAlpine out. She did enough damage to Lord government. Graham does not need another headache. He has enough with that Murphy guy who pretends to be Minister of Health.

Spinks said...

Purely personal sentiments but with my fingers crossed, bye bye Carmel?

Aw who am I kidding, the quota system gives her a free pass. Generally the Liberal Ministers they have aren't bad. The Premier is the only one that's the weak link and that isn't changing soon.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with anon 1:41 - keep MacAlpine out. And her significant other -- neither one are trustworthy. Also, have to agree with Spinks, love to see her go but know that it is highly doubtful that she will be gone. Perhaps I can ask Santa for an early xmas gift.

There is a portfolio imbalance so maybe the Premier will give up some of his and give some of the smaller ones to new Ministers rather than have those with large protfolios do them all. Example - local government away from Boudreau, Aboriginal Affairs away from Doherty, Capital Commission and Advisory Council on Youth away from Lamrock, Population Growth, Communications New Brunswick and Service New Brunswick away from Byrne.

Perhaps Chris Collins will get the nod?

Can't see a shift with Murphy, Burke or Lamrock but you never know, excecpt for a change in secondary portfolios as mentioned above. Though they are pointing to "minor" shuffle and I would think changing any of those three would be part of a "major" shuffle.

Do you have a full round of predictions Politico? I do enjoy your predictions.

nbpolitico said...

I am not sure. I was at one pointt thinking of something more major, including Lamrock leaving education. However, his recent election to a two-year term as chair of the council of education ministers would seem to make that an illogical move.

I suspect that the odds are good for MacAlpine-Stiles to go in, notwithstanding your earlier comments, there is a shortage of women in the cabinet and there is a shortage of Monctonians in the cabinet so she fits both bills.

I will keep my thinking cap on but I am really at a loss as to why they would shuffle this early in unless they are:

a) looking to split or merge some departments

b) adding one or two people and making a few minor tweaks as a result

I could probably predict 'b', predicting 'a' would be almost totally impossible.

Anonymous said...

It is good to have women in the cabinet but that must not be the only criteria. Joan MacAlpine was a disaster in Lord Government.

Murphy should be replaced by Chris Collin. Man has some humanity and scruples while Murphy lacks both.

EMJ said...

Mike Murphy is inhuman, egotistical, and has been a disaster as Health Minister, I second the anons in wanting to see him dumped from Cabinet!

My picks for elevation to Cabinet would be Chris Collins (he'd be an excellent Minister!) and Abel LeBlanc.

EMJ said...

...and MacAlpine, why would we want a failed Lord Minister in the Liberal Cabinet??? I've only heard bad things about her.