Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wally & Joan

I had a good chance to chat with the newest Liberal MLAs. They were treated as heroes and certainly seemed to be enjoying their new party.

We talked about the different "cultures" between the two parties and they felt the same way I had when I was a Tory. A lot of folks in the NB PC Party seem to be bitter and fixated on minor issues, like they've got a chip on their shoulder. They felt that way too.

Also one of the first things they mentioned was how different of a leader Shawn Graham is. Joan said you really feel a part of a team and are listened to and consulted where under Lord it was as though they were pests. And she was even a minister!


Anonymous said...

you should get an interview with Graham and blog it -- would be cool. The first New Brunswick Premier to do a blog-interview :)

NB taxpayer said...

I'm with the above. I much enjoyed the one on one interviews posted by Calgary Grit two summers ago.

As for being a chip on their shoulder, I think it is more like a bunch of lightweights devoid of any clear conservative policy thought. Which is why I will be interested to see the resolutions which come out of your convention this weekend. That will tell the real story betwen the two parties.

For the record, I like Percy Mockler as he seems to think like a conservative (see the private members bills), but I wasn't impressed when he and the rest of the braintrust jumped on the Belinda bandwagon a few yrs. back. Although, she was paying big $$$ compared to the other camps.

Anonymous said...

Wow..Joan MacAlpine a "pest"...who'd thunk it??????

CJ-K. said...

Mike Murphy is destroying New Brunswick!