Saturday, October 27, 2007

Liberal convention - first take

Great parties.

Over 600 delegates, supposedly many more registering tomorrow which will be pretty impressive for a Liberal convention in a remote Tory corner of NB.

I missed Dion's speech and have heard really good and really bad reviews. Nothing in the middle. Will try to get an unbiased take. Most "real" so far was something along the lines of: "Great ideas, needs better English and more charisma, but if he could get these ideas to resonate with the people he'd win."

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Gypsyblog said...

As someone not normally concerned with the superficial, I have to nevertheless agree with the assessment of Dion offered there:

Terrible English, no charisma.

Superficial concerns, yes, but why pick someone like this, with no traditional 'leadership' qualities to be your leader?

I just don't understand it.

I heard Dion speak to a small audience when he was Environment Minister and remember thinking: Smart fella, I guess, but how did he ever get such a high profile job that requires him to interact with the public. Why isn't he doing policy stuff behind the scenes or something?

Now he's party leader. The life of the party.