Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mike Murphy - new government house leader?

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I am assuming that this isn't a typo but in a news release announcing that the house will sit beginning November 27, Mike Murphy is named as government house leader.

There has been no cabinet shuffle but it does appear that, without fan fare, Mike Murphy has taken over the house leadership duties from Stuart Jamieson who is battling cancer. However, the government directory still names Jamieson as the occupant of the job.


NB taxpayer said...

I give him credit for threatening to move aggressively forward on the health file a few days back.

Because you know, nothing scares a Shawn Graham Liberal more than an elected official who gets aggressive and appears as though s[he] may follow through on their rhetoric. I mean, come on, in this government, that's the job of a study, task force or commission. To write and talk, not act.

Good move by Graham to stop his momentum by shuffling him into government house leader.

nbpolitico said...

House Leader is a portfolio that is carried with another department; one assumes Murphy is still House Leader.

And as for your tired refrain about studties; this government says it intends to turn the province upside down to get things moving. I don't have a problem with them taking a year to think it through and plan before doing so.

Better to take some time to think something through, rather than act rashly on a complex issue and screw things over for years to come.

Let's give these guys the benefit of the doubt and see where they go in year 2 and 3.

Gypsyblog said...

yeah, CBC New Brunswick confirms he's the new Head-of-Household, I mean House Leader.

nbt said...

Let's give these guys the benefit of the doubt and see where they go in year 2 and 3.

I'll hold you to it, buddy.

Btw, great piece on the NDP. From an individual who has been involved in politics for many years in numerous roles, I'll be interested in hearing your take on the NB tories as they move forward.

Love the new blog setup, but not the intrusive comment section (can't seem to log on to comment).

nbpolitico said...

To be honest, I am not entirely sure how the commenting system works over on CanadaEast because they had set me up with my login, etc so I didn't have to go through the process.

Fortuantely, you can still post here. I think that you'll see, based on my comments about the Self-Sufficiency Report and the 2007 Budget that I will not give the NB Liberals a free pass if they don't deliver but, in my view, it is too early to make that call.

I have alluded in some ways to what the Tories should do, but until they have a leadership date set and some candidates it will be hard to offer any solid device. That is to say, I can't really recommend a meal for the Tories to prepare when I don't yet know what ingredients they'll have at their disposal.

mikel said...

Take a look at the suggestions from both the self sufficiency group and the educational group. Not only is it silly that it is taking so long, but there is no reason the liberals wouldn't have gotten these suggestions and then campaigned on them. Politics seems to have regressed to the point where governments get in, do their damage, then get voted out because nobody wanted the ideas they implemented in the first place.