Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wednesday notes

Even my shortened leg summary yesterday was too long and took a lot of time. I am going to stop trying to do that and will just bring you some good nuggets as they appear.

Scott has a great post up about self-sufficiency which I encourage you all to read. I have been disappointed by the lack of noise about Self-Sufficiency on the blogosphere and was very glad to see Scott chime in.

The New Brunswick Liberals are all about reform it seems. Every time Health Minister Mike Murphy gets in front of microphone he talks about "radical" reform to the health system. Education Minister Kelly Lamrock is now saying he'll be announcing education reforms in April. I hope it is not just change for the sake of change.

Today in the legislature the opposition bills are being adjourned as they were on Friday, but with the support of the Tories. Did they "learn their lesson" yesterday? I hope not as I still think they should be pressing for a vote on their bills.


scott said...

Hmmm....reform...I like that word. Btw, thx for the link. I am not worthy of the added traffic which has ballooned on my site directly from your blog. Thx again.

nbpolitico said...

Often you are my #2 or #3 referred and besides, those paying attention substantively to the economic future of our province deserve a few hits!

nbpolitico said...

PS - don't you mean Refoooooooooooooooorrrmmm?

Scott said...

LOL!! Everytime I hear that I think of that picture of Preston that circulated around the net in the mid 90s. Man, makeovers do wonders, don't they?

Anonymous said...

What is this mutual admiration club - Scott and NBPolitico ;)

Refooooooooooorrrmmm! Oh please;)