Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't like what Francis McGuire has to say? Do something about it...

My earlier posts about the Self-Sufficiency Task Force and particularly the comments of co-chairman Francis McGuire sparked a lot of heated and impassioned debate. And rightfully so.

I am a little disturbed however that after a full work week, only 73 people have filled out the anonymous survey the task force is asking people to complete. And only 26 comments have been made on the Task Force's discussion forum.

Let's get involved people. This is about the future of our province. It is worth a few minutes of your time. Get involved!


Anonymous said...

The commission on legislative democracy was much more open and accessible than this farce. So its really no surprise that people aren't taking part. What effect will there be? However, 75 people I think is still more than the democracy commission got, already they've gotten more press than that committee got. But there is still the disconnect between what people say and what politicians do, so being skeptical is a natural response. We're working on that one though...

Anonymous said...

The comments regarding international trade were on target. Going to trade shows and events can be a good way of making new business contacts and meeting clients.

Also the entrepreneurial edge website mentioned about the Endeavor Organization was very interesting. If they can do this in developing countries, their is no excuse for a similar model here in New Brunswick.

Anonymous said...

I took the survey and I found the questions to be unclear and misguided. No wonder that people aren't using it. I can guarantee you that the North will fight tooth and nail against the perceived masters of the South. This new modern slavery proposal will not be tolerated. I'll be whistling to the tune of Dixie if perceptions doesn't start changing!
First of all the capital and her terrible looking legisture of 125 years old needs to be moved to a Northern city say Miramichi. Now that's sweeping change! It's called give and take!! So it's time for the South to give or soon they will be nothing left to take!!!

Paulin said...

Moving the capital, Are you joking? We'll spent million to move our capital to another city. For what? so public servant can hate the city because they moved against their will. Also why Miramichi? let me guess you are from there. If so, then your as bad as any politician who want to put everything in is riding.

We need to create industry and play the strenght of rurality and urbanity.

We need to increase the population of our city, We need to get with the time, not live in the past. Fusion should be in order. Probably the best move miramichi made, imagine if they did not do it.

We are New-Brunswickers and we need to change. (Nice sloggan)

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems comments typically from a Frederictonian no doubt! And most probably a civil servant at that. And no I am not from Miramichi.
The proposed changing of the Legislative Assembly and Executive organs of government(ministers and their staff and deputy miniters) would have no bearing at all on the civil service. Government departments would not need to move. Only a few hundred would be affected and the great majority being political servants used to being in and out!
But, this would show a commitment to the North. And would precipitate a small investment of government funds but a greater degree of private sector investments would follow to the North. Capitals do attract investors. Your comments reflect an attitude of the past! You want change but at somebody elses cost not yours. Real change needs to be across the board! I also agree with your notion of fusion. Many other communities in the Province should also face their realities. So yes, hop on and become part of the change! But, I'm sticking with my belief that NB should seriously consider moving it's Legislative & Executive organs to Miramichi because it would show a new and enlightened commitment to the North.

richard said...

Move the capital?? As an Ontario resident (born and raised in NB), I can think of no better way to make NB a laughing-stock. The North needs improved infrastruture - better roads, better broadband; not a handful of government offices. Maritime provinces are going to have to find a way to work MUCH more closely together to promote regional development.

Anonymous said...

Well my friend Richard, I think you need to visit Northern New Brunswick because in fact it has a better broadband system than most of Southern NB. Also, even if the road infrastructure would be improved, this does not mean that Southern New Brunswickers would use it. In fact, recent surveys demonstrate that Southern NBer's have no clue where Campbellton or Bathurst is or worst how to get there for over two thirds of Southern NBers have never been up to the Northern part of the province.
Again, take a look at Brazil who developed the interior of their country by moving their capital from Rio de Janeiro to BrasiliĆ  in 1960. In fact, a fantastic economic miracle followed. Yes, even then in the 1950's the people of the world were laughing at the Brazilians as to the move saying it was crazy, cost too much money..etc. All doubting Thomas's. Today, nobody is laughing at them, especially Canadian companies who see Brazil as a serious competitor in various industries such as aeronautics and forestry.

Once again, what is needed is a bold change of thought process in New Brunswick with people of vision and determination. You could be one my friend. But, if you hide away in Ontario who basically do not make a difference for us. Come back now, maybe think to move to our future new capital city.

JL said...

What is needed is for maritime prosperity is simple. Merge the maritime provinces into one province.

And yes, I realize it will never happen..but it should.


Paulin said...

Two concurrent event does not mean one made the other happen (talking about brezil). You want change i've give you that but I do not think changing the capital would help in this regard.

Also i'm sorry about using personal information to defeat your argument. I'm not from fredericton and i'm not a public servant either.

Also Fredericton is not the super boom town of the south? Why would it help Miramchi.

I think and maybe i'm wrong but you want a symbolic commitment in the form of moving the capital to Miramichi. But I think the governement can place the money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Paulin, I accept your apologies. However, the symbolic move wouild greatly give a new perception on the Province. It would have three main objectives: Give assurances to the North and impress the the country and the world. THis would not be insignificant! The costs of such a minor move would be quite small and this in lieu of the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by the bureaucracy in the past. The third objective wouild be to awaken the civil service that they can no longer their their positions as granted and that their work must be accountable.

richard said...

"Give assurances to the North and impress the the country and the world. "

Sorry, but nobody would give a damn - NB ain't Brazil. NB isn't even Manitoba! You are badly in need of a reality check. At least you have your handle right - anonymous.

And yes, my friend, my opinions do matter to you. Ontario is ponying up for equalization payments. Or maybe you would like to start "self-sufficiency" tomorrow?

BTW you might want to check out what broadband means these days: its not what you are getting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard. Equalization is a federal concept used in most federal countries in the world including USA and Australia. However, their systems are positive in nature and not punitive. In Canada, the equalization process is meant to remind poorer provinces who the richer provinces are. If Ontario doesn't like that then they can opt to separate!!! Of which they will do not such thing. In fact they need the Maritimes to justify their economic hegemony! Quebec separation would destroy Canada and hence Ontario domination. I agree it's time for us to shake off our dependence on Ontario and to realize that in the future Quebec may go whether we like it or not(in which I certainly do not!!!) and we'll be left up the stream without a paddle. In the mean time I choose to live, work and do my best for New Brunswick. Unlike so many other deserters! So what's your story? What have you done for your home province? Remember, it's not what your province can do for you but what can you do for your province(a modified JFK line!!!).