Thursday, February 08, 2007

News roundup

Some rather silly comments from two Tory's reported in the press today. One sour grapes and one a bit bizarre.

Shediac deputy mayor Leo Doiron, two-time Tory candidate against finance minister Victor Boudreau, is complaining that Highway 15 was not listed among highways needing work in the Throne Speech saying that Boudreau said it would be a priority in his first campaign for the legislature in the 2004 by-election there.

Tory Health Critic, Claude Landry, who was formerly Executive Assistant to the Minister of Health under the Lord government, has said that he is "glad that the funding is finally coming" for cancer clinics in the north. Landry said "we've been waiting for it for a while", yet for the past 7 years it was his party that was in power and he was actually staffing the minister responsible for part of that time!

Opposition Reply today

Jeannot Volpé is about to undertake his response to the Throne Speech. I'll post some commentary on that shortly after he wraps up. Unfortunately, they will have have to be from memory because, to beat a dead horse, I'll remind you all again that the PC Party still, after nearly 6 months since the election, have no website.


JL said...

They seem to have one, and it seems to be getting updated..but I agree they have to get their act together and finish it. And get a better domain name.

What was their old domain name?


nbpolitico said...

Very interesting... how did you find that?

Their old domain,, redirects to which claims it is under construction.