Thursday, February 08, 2007

UPDATE: Semi-constructed Tory website uncovered!

Commenter jl, has shown us that the Tory website is coming along nicely and is available for public view if you know the right URL.

If you go to you are redirected to, which looks as follows:

If you go to (the French version of the site is also available in a similar state) however you will find this:

Included on this partially completed site is a list of all of the Tory news releases since the election, something I've been looking for some some time.


Anonymous said...

I thought the PC Party was defunct. There seems to be an awfully big mishmash of Conservatives running around, don't know is who - all I know is they all claim to have no history to speak of, allowing them to blame everything on Liberals - like the "wake up call" section on this PC site. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Here's a bizarre picture on that site: Bernard Lord shaving someone's head!