Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, we all owe Jeannot Volpé a sincere apology.

Whether you like the Liberals or not, like the Tories or not, hate 'em, whatever. I think the whole world is unanimous in the opinion that Jeannot Volpé sucks as opposition leader.

Well it seems our opinion was unfair.

Volpé doesn't suck, it appears, his poor performance is not his fault.

He would be doing a fine job and the Liberal government would probably have fallen by now if it wasn't for those darn kids Wally and Joan. They've been spying, according to Volpé, and reporting the plans of the opposition to the government.

I think Joan McAlpine-Stiles put it best when, as paraphrased, she said "if the Liberals were able to predict Tory tactics in question period, it's probably because Volpé has been asking the same questions for the last three weeks."

How pathetic can he get? I have said before that I've been quite impressed with Bruce Northrup. I also heard Mike Olscamp in detail for the first time today during estimates and he seems like an incredibly bright guy and strong performer. I've also said before that I think Claude Landry is a pretty strong guy.

I think the whole front bench of the Tories should walk to the back row and let these newcomers take over. Then we might have some substantive debate in the House and the Liberals might see their 50 point lead in the polls narrow a bit.


Eugene said...

He's lost it.

Andrew said...

Good to see the Wally's are supporting our tax hikes. Makes me feel so much better that they rather hike my taxes than cut them. I am so happy that my MLA has also supported the massive hike in my power bill (it is coming!). And to top it off, Wally represents a riding that has practically as many ATVs as there are cars. Idiot.

wfh said...

If you do not like Volpe, then who do you think would be a good leader for the PC party (or the Liberals)?

Eugene said...

The PC's need to go outside the current party ranks. New blood, new ideas, new attitude. To simply choose from the current lot of MLA's or past party hacks will guarantee a Liberals government for the next decade.

wfh said...

Maybe instead of a new leader, we need a new party! Federally the "new" Conservative party and the Green party have stirred things up a little. Now at least you have some definite alternatives to old line parties. I doubt if any real leader with integrity or intelligence would want to become leader of either party in NB given the present cast of characters you would have to deal with.

Eugene said...

I'm with there wfh

Rob said...

I don't think a new party is needed. The Progressive Conservative party simply needs to offer credible opposition to this government. The current government of New Brunswick did not win even a plurality of votes in the past election. Due to an antiquated 19th century political system, this second place finish becomes a limitless majority, a four year blank cheque. More electors chose a tired Bernard Lord over the Pedometer Prince. If you can't even beat Bernard Lord straight up, your vision leaves a lot to be desired.

We have an Opposition that is more concerned with the Leaders personal
image than with important public policy. The Opposition also lacks cohesiveness, as evidenced by the piecemeal attacks on the Stiles. This Opposition is not a government in waiting. It is a collection of Bernard Lord barnacles that have lost their host. Without a hull to cling to, these bivalve creatures have lost their purpose in life.

We need a party which presents absolute change from the way politics in NB is done. We urgently need to reform our political system, from the way we elect our representatives, to how we choose the leaders of major crown corporations. Party affiliation should not be the number one requirement in leading a major power corporation, nor should being executive directory of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick qualify you to head the provincial liquor monopoly. Shawn Graham will not reach his goal of self-sufficiency by working in a system that was designed by 19th century aristocrats who thought the telegraph was cutting edge.

We need reform. We need a Charter for Real Change, not a Charter for Slight Deviation from the Status Quo. It will not be brought about by those most comfortable in the current system.

wfh said...

I strongly agree with rob that NB politics desperately needs a shakeup.

However, I cannot see any current NB party (PC or Liberal or NDP) providing this fundamental change in the way politics is done.

I do not hear anything substantive from any party about proportional representation or any other electoral change, or any real form of accountability (like publishing all public servant salaries, bonuses, and expenses online).

I feel that even if the PC party (or the Liberals) found a white knight to lead them, he/she would be drown in the sewer of partisan and patronage politics here in NB (and Canada for that matter).

I think fundamental change can only come from outside the current political system. A strong third party which will force minority governments (or coalitions) is the only solution to the elected dictatorships we have now.

People in NB and Canada have to get used to the idea that "minority" governments are OK. That is the way many other Western democracies work. Even the new governments in Iraq and Afghanistan are coalition governments!

Muddy River Tory said...

The PCNB'ers have about three years to come up with a new leader and brand him / her to be the new Premier of a majority PCNB government. I don't feel that the current opposition leader is going to make the final cut when the heat gets turned up in the kitchen, so to speak. For too long now, he has focused all his and the party's total energies on attacking the personal characteristics of the MLA's in the government of the day.

IMO, I think that the party had better start looking for a new leader, and soon. The public does not want to see more personal attacks like a spoiled kid who feels left out. Stop focusing on what the Librals are doing wrong.....let them hang themselves. That they will do fine by themselves.

Instead, turn inward to yourselves and start to build a major attack plan and select the leader who can do the job the best; this person must be respected not only by those in the party ranks but also the general public. This newleader must strike fear into the hearts of the "self sufficient Liberals" and counter their every move.

Any ideas on WHO would be the best candidate for the job???

nbpolitico said...

IMO, I think that the party had better start looking for a new leader, and soon. The public does not want to see more personal attacks like a spoiled kid who feels left out.

I agree. I am a democrat first and a Liberal second. A weak opposition party is not good for democracy and if Volpé and his successor continue along the same path, Shawn Graham could be looking at 45-50 or more seats in the next election, while I don't think a government should ever have more than 40.

As for who, here is a round up I did a few months back. I really think Lisa Merrithew is the ticket for them.

Muddy River Tory said...

Perish the thought nbpolitico. I would commit hari kari if I thought that Broken Promise Shawn would get even 1 more seat that what he has now. LOL

I just think that he needs a good opposition to keep him straight and narrow and while the Opposition is doing that they are getting ready for their majority the next election with the right Leader. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the idea of Lisa Merrithew running for the Tory leadership in New Brunswick.

Why would people from New Brunswick support an individual like Ms. Merrithew? Because she speaks French? Because her father served? Because she has some experience working in the political process primarily as a communications consultant? Because, for all of the points noted above, she might be electable?

All of the above are very poor reasons indeed to put support behind a candidate. While electability is important, we need to rise above that quality when considering leadership options.

What we really need is someone who can relate to the top-of-mind challenges faced by most of us across the province. I'm much more likely to put support behind someone who has proven successful in the public/private sector SOLVING PROBLEMS ... and has some real life experience behind them.

I really don't care for many young people involved in politics. Why? Because they're party people first and problem solvers second. And, more often than not, the former interferes with the latter.

Ms. Merrithew may very well be good at what she does in the communications/PR field, but I see nothing to suggest that she would be well suited to successfully tackle the issues and problems of utmost concern to the majority of New Brunswickers. She may be a good front person to create an image, but we need to get past this mindset and focus instead on electing the best possible problem-solvers.