Thursday, April 19, 2007

An interesting coincidence?

A friend of mine in Ottawa pointed this out to me and I had to share it with you thought it is a bit off topic.

There are four daily newspapers readily available in Ottawa, the front page of three of this has this image of the Virginia Tech murderer, as given from example on the Ottawa Sun:

The image on the fourth daily, the Ottawa Citizen, was of this eerily similar pose of Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien:

According to the caption this is a file photo. Interesting that they would have chosen to run this picture when a similar pose by a killer was being run on the wire and inevitably on some of the Citizen's competitors papers.

I am told on every street corner in Ottawa, you see three pics of the killer and then one of the mayor in the paperstands all sharing the same pose.

Sounds like a pretty sick dig at the Ottawa Mayor by the Citizen...


scott said...

Nice smear, nbpolitico. Let's get real, you couldn't care less about whether or not Larry O'Brien gets compared to a gunman, especially when you and you're friends are the ones comparing.

It's quite sad when people like yourself use the internet to make petty political hay out of a very serious issue. For the record, Larry O'Brien has appeared on the front of the Ottawa Citizen many times in the past. Sorry man, I don't get your sick joke and to be honest I find this comparison very offensive. It should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that NBC is thankful to the killer for the material they received. Must have helped their ratings. It is sad that some media outlets are exploiting this tragedy. $ is the king and the God.

Anonymous said...

That comment was in very poor taste. Why did you feel the need to make that comparison? How heartless.

Paulin said...

So he does not care about the comparison but he made the comparison. He does not care about what he write but he write it anyways?

What kind of circular logic is that.

He said that the other newspaper should have refrain in posting that image.

And I love sick joke and I didn't laugh so maybe it's something else. An observation with a negative opinion of it.

It's comment like yours that I hate by telling the rest of us how pure and moral you are. Stop being such a elitist moralist and telling people what they should and should not think. Nice try at the end to censor is own blog.

If i was on fark I would have call you a troll

nbpolitico said...

Scott - did you read what I wrote?

I think Larry O'Brien is doing a good job as mayor of Ottawa - from what I watch of it, he is making people sit down and work and not spin aimlessly at city council as is unfortunately the case in many cities.

I was saying that the Citizen picked a pretty poor day to pull that photo and put it above the fold considering that, based on the evidence of the other papers, they competing photo would have been that of the killer.

They should have known what the result would be and should have ran a different photo of the mayor.

It is the Ottawa Citizen that was being petty.

I am quite sure to say that in the 2006 municipal election in Ottawa I would have had no hesitation to choose Larry O'Brien over the likes of Bob Chiarelli and Alex Munter.

This is not the first time, Scott, that you have come on here and accused me of meaning the exact opposite of what I said.

I can assure you that I tell it how I see it, I am not cowardly and I do not wrap my thoughts up in some subtle camoflauge to avoid taking responsibility for them.

nbpolitico said...

I might add that one of the reasons I like O'Brien is because he reminds of Frank McKenna and Shawn Graham - they understand that psychology is key to success and all three pursue agendas that aim to make people feel better about themselves and their future prospects to improve productivity.

I would also note that the Ottawa Citizen, despite being conservative like Mayor O'Brien, has been the biggest thorn in his side before and after his election as mayor. Their editorial before election day, which endorsed the incumbent Chiarelli who finished a distant third, was essentially a diatribe and rant against O'Brien and how they picked the incumbent by default.

I suspect the paper was trying to make a sick joke at the mayor's expense by running this photo, and I thought they should be called on it.

I do not understand why you find that offensive, I find what the paper did offensive, my calling them on it seems responsible.

Anonymous said...

Im living in Ottawa...saw both papers at the office this morning...even if the Papers shared their Headlines and editorial decisions with each other before print (wich they do not) I do not get what the "dig" would one thinks O'Brien is a a similar body shape pose suggets if you had a picture of a guy reaching out to shake hands after a backroom deal to force another candiate to drop out of a mayoral race in the other papers and a similar photo of O'Brien in the Citizen, you could have I think your friends comments are a stretch at best...