Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The new cabinet

It looks like I missed the mark a bit in my prediction. Here is the cabinet as it was sworn-in over the past hour:

  • Shawn Michael Graham, Premier, President of the Executive Council, Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister responsible for the Premier's Council on the Status of Disabled Persons

  • Thomas J. Burke, Attorney-General of New Brunswick and Minister of Justice and Consumer Affairs

  • John Winstan Foran, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor-General of New Brunswick

  • Victor Boudreau, Minister of Finance, Minister of Local Government and Minister responsible for Red Tape Reduction

  • Roly MacIntyre, Minster of Supply and Services and Minister responsible for the Regional Development Coporation

  • Denis Landry, Minister of Transportation

  • Donald Arseneault, Minister of Natural Resources

  • Jack Keir, Minister of Energy and Minister responsible for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency

  • Ronald Ouellette, Minister of Agriculture and Aquaculture

  • Rick Doucet, Minister of Fisheries

  • Mike Murphy, Minister of Health

  • Carmel Robichaud, Minister of Family and Community Services and Minister responsible for the Status of Women

  • Hédard Albert, Minister of Human Resources and Minister responsible for La Francophonie

  • Dr. Edward Joseph Doherty, Minster of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs

  • Kelly Arthur Lamrock, Minister of Education, Minister responsible for Youth and Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission

  • Roland Haché, Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for the Northern New Brunswick Initiative

  • Greg Byrne, Q.C., Minister of Business New Brunswick, Minister repsonsible for Service New Brunswick and Minister responsible for the Immigration and Repatriation Secretariat

  • Stuart Jamieson, Minister of Tourism and Parks and Government House Leader

  • Mary Louise Schryer, Minister of State for Seniors and Minister of State for Housing
I am going to give myself a grading on my predictions based on the following formula: 1 point for each person I guess correctly would be in the cabinet, minus one point for putting someone in who was not there and for leaving someone out who was, and 1 point for each correct portfolio. This means the maximum points would have been 38.

I got the following ministers correct: Graham, Burke, Foran, Boudreau, MacIntyre, Arseneault, Ouellette, Doucet, Murphy, Robichaud, Albert, Doherty, Lamrock, Haché, Byrne, Schryer (+16)

I missed the following ministers: Landry, Keir, Jamieson (-3)

I included the following who were not ministers: Lavoie, LeBlanc (-2)

I got the following portfolios right: Public Safety (Foran), Natural Resources (Arseneault) (+2)

So my score is 13/38 or 34%. OUCH! I really should stop making predictions...

I've updated the comparison table so you can see how I did and how the Times & Transcript did.


Spinks said...

Better than my predictions nbpolitico. Given the election night predictions, I left this one in your hands. Kudos for trying. It's all a crapshoot anyway. Someone has to go out on a limb. :)

Jason_Gaudet said...
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Jason_Gaudet said...

Wow.. a few suprises today! I would have thought Byrne would have taken a high status cabinet. I am happy with my man's (Mr. Rick Doucet) appointment to Fisheries. Figured it was so when Graham announced the re-creation of the department at Rick's HQ during the campaign. When I figured out my predictions with your scoring, you beat me by 1 point nbpolitico!

just driving by said...

Um, Greg Byrne did get a big job. He's in charge of economic development, i.e. jobs. One of Shawn's three e's. Probably exactly the job he wanted.

Anonymous said...

I told you Stuart would be Minister of Tourism, after all...he is my dad! ;P I'm happy for them all, they all deserve it!

nbpolitico said...

Stuart Jamieson as Minister of Tourism. I have this funny feeling somehow that the Fundy Trail is going to be completed real soon ;)

Good on you anon and your Dad.

Jason_Gaudet said...

well, I should have said that the the surprise for me to see Vic Boudreau take Finance. Good to see Jack Keir take energy. And speaking of obvious, Jamieson's appointment is welcome appointment.

Anonymous said...

I attended the swearing-in today and there were audible gasps of (pleasant) surprise when Victor Boudreau was announced as the Finance Minister. Obviously it wasn't a portfolio he was thought to have been pegged for. Boudreau in Health and Murphy in Finance were what people were talking about -- but it ended up being the other way around. Other popular choices were Dr. Doherty who got a hearty and lengthy round of applause, as well as Denis Landry. An obvious omission was Brian Kenny from Bathurst. People in that city will be livid considering Bathurst is almost always Liberal and Kenny was certainly considered cabinet material if you read his bio. Goes to show that sometimes even able people don't get chosen. I think it's much more fun having the ministers announced at the swearing in and not several hours in advance. It was quite dramatic! Everyone was wondering who got what! Very nice ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Graham cabinet is indeed of high calibre than Lord could ever dream. Now we got to see how they perform as ministers.

scott said...

Stuart Jamieson as Minister of Tourism. I have this funny feeling somehow that the Fundy Trail is going to be completed real soon ;)

Before spending taxpayers cash, I know you guys are good at it, maybe they should re-evaluate the longterm NB tourism strategy, espcially since I highly anticipate a horrible amount of job loss and recession under this Premier.

If tourism doesn't work for them, what will? ;-)

nbpolitico said...

Well considering that Tourism was completely neglected for the past 7 years despite the fact that one dollar of government money spent in tourism yeilds 14 dollars for the economy, I think that any change and any dedication in that sector will be a welcome change.

Come on Scott, at least give these guys a chance!

Anonymous said...

Scott sounds like unhappy camper. I can understand why he feels so depressed. Let us face it PCs are going to be in political wilderness for many years to come. Lord did a good number on them. Same fate awaits Cons at federal level. Harper is putting finishing touches there. That is the sad reality.

Harrap said...

Don't worry -- it's harder to predict cabinet as neither of us is telepathic. Alot of considerations such as region make predictions even harder.

Cabinets always bring surprises, for example I was surprised when Stephen Harper didn't appoint Diane Ablonczy to a Ministry. In NB, I thought Byrne was a sure bet for Finance - his appointment as Minister of Everything was unpredictable.

I enjoy your predictions - keep it up :D

Spinks said...

"Let us face it PCs are going to be in political wilderness for many years to come."

I'm with you on giving the Libs a chance but man that is one partisan statement anon. This isn't 1987. "Political wilderness?" C'mon, even the Libs know they have to stay on their toes the same as the PC's have had to do since 2003. That's a strong opposition that's two Liberal byelections away from forming government again. Doesn't sound like political wilderness to me.

Scott and NB Politico, the Fundy Trail was, is, and will be a great idea. I'm not holding my breath on it being completed though. It's been in the works for 20 years and a huge chunk of that time Jamieson wasn't just the MLA for the area, he was in government. Anyway, all the more power to him. It is a good tourism idea for NB.

nbpolitico said...

Well Jamieson was a back bencher for 10 years and ag minister for 2. This is certainly his passion and as Tourism Min I'd be shicked if it didn't get done.

I think we may be seeing the PCs heading to the wildnerness though. If the public didn't doubt Graham I think the Libs would have 35-40 seats. I expect him to do well and, as a result, get in the 40 neighbourhood next time.

Traditionally NB Premiers, particularly Liberal ones, get 3+ terms.

Anonymous said...

"Graham cabinet is indeed of high calibre than Lord could ever dream"

Yes, they are all much better lawyers than the previous batch. What that means in terms of providing any expertise on economic development or education is beyond me but yes, they seem to have come from more reputable firms.

Spinks said...

Maybe NBPolitico, although I'll save the predictions 4 years out. I can't get it right the week before. :)

nbpolitico said...

LOL - indeed spinks, as I say I expect Graham to do well and, if so, him to win more seats.

However, he may not live up to my expectations.

Anonymous said...

"..even the Libs know they have to stay on their toes..." Spinks I do agree with you. That is exactly the reason that I think he will provide good government and come next election he will do much better. If Shawn Graham would have won 40 plus seats first time then it would have been worrisome as was the case with Lord. 1999 win did not do him any good to become a better leader. However, I believe Shawn Graham is a different kind of personality. Lord was so conceited which brought his downfall. I do not think Lord will stick around very long as an opposition leader. His ego is simply too much for that. Tories will struggle for a while to get a proper leader. By then Graham might finish his third term or longer.