Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sigh. Disappointment #2

I was a bit surprised to see this appointment today. Not because I think it is a bad idea, in fact I think it is a very good idea. New Brunswick having a presence in Ottawa is key when you consider that other provinces, with whom we are often competing, have them as well.

However, it disappoints me when two years ago the Liberals were saying that such a position was a waste of money.


scott said...

I agree, nbpolitico. However, sometimes it is best to see past our shortsighted partisan positions for the betterment of our province. I think this is a case where they [Liberals] are doing just that.

nbpolitico said...

Agreed. I just wish they wouldn't have made the shortsighted comments in the first place.

scott said...

No doubt. That's is why I would like to see New Brunswick go to a proportional system [MMP] in the legs.

There is no question that the transition would be a bit bumpy at first, but once all the MLAs got used to the "concept" of finding common ground on issues rather than fighting over their petty differences, I think our democratic system would be better off for it.

At the moment, the two so-called major parties - suffer in an unhealthy political system, one which has grown more dysfunctional over the years. We only have to revisit the last sitting to witness that. The bottom line is that the debate is stale in the legislature due to the fact that our system does not well serve the province's interests. It does not encourage legislation by consensus, it does not guide our best thinking and resources in major areas of concern, it is poor at attracting and appropriating the skills of our best and brightest.

That is why I believe that NOW is the time to investigate the possibilities of electoral reform in our province.

Spinks said...

Here's a lesson for ALL political parties. You don't have to oppose everything. If another Party has a good idea, embrace it and say so. Fortunately in this case the Liberals did a mea culpa. Good for them. They recognized it was a good idea and went with it.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Lord's comments on this then you can pass the judgement. He is against the audit of provincial books when he did the same in 1999.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Graham is going after the best and brightest to me.

Surely, he shouldn't be criticized for what a former Liberal Govt. did.

Gool said...

Oh Graham's after the best and brightest alright.Your loonies.Higher taxes and more regulation envelop Liberal governments like fog on the bay.

Anonymous said...

Gool, here's a trick to teach you how to spell "all right." Just remember than "all right" is "all wrong" unless spelled as two words.

Daniel said...

1:45, you are aware that "alright" is actually a word, are you not?

And attacking someone's minor spelling error on a blog = petty and rude.

Anonymous said...


alright is listed in the Oxford Dictionary followed by (erron.)

I would normally never criticize someone's spelling here, but just saw Gool being extremely rude over on NBPolitics site.

Anonymous said...

Gool is just sore. His hero Lord was booted out.

I.M. SMALL said...


The life has been a disappointment,
An unhealed sore without an ointment,
But worst has been these jokers in
Government--big shots--with their thin
Conceit of righteousness: what a grab
Do their words as some high ideal prefab.

No dirty trick would be off limits
To them, nor are they really dimwits
Although pretending so, because
That´s how the average voter goes,
Pulling a lever for stupidity
Amidst election time´s cupidity.