Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain's TSN turning point?

Tonight Barack Obama and John McCain meet for their second debate. After Sarah Palin's better-than-expected debate performance last week, the Republican ticket has started to move back up in the polls.

The format of tonight's debate is a town-hall meeting. McCain is an expert at these, very comfortable and well experienced in them. Obama prefers a more structured/professional format.

If McCain can pull off a good night tonight, he will appear to be more in touch with regular people and could shift the momentum of the race. This could be the TSN turning point folks...


Anonymous said...

The polls improving for McCain? Do you watch the news?

I can't believe the absurdity of a supposedly progressive-minded Canadian rooting for John McCain.

What do you have against Barack Obama? His middle name?

Karl said...

NBPolitico can't stomach the thought of Barack Hussein Obama becoming President.

His predictions are pretty stupid and his blog generally boring, he should consider shutting it down... for good.

Becket said...

Yeah Karl, a lot of people can't stomach Obama becoming President.

Don't get me wrong, Obama or McCain are both not ideal candidates for president. McCain seems to be the old guy, that all the other old guys want to push as their candidate. Obama seems to be all flash and no substance. If it came to a choice between either, I would choose McCain by a slim amount. I don't care what god Obama believes in. I don't understand why everybody is so high on Obama, when what has he REALLY done? Personally I liked Kerry better.

What's most disappointing is that in a country of over 300 million, these are the best two guys they can muster up?

le politico said...

Karl, is being an idiot a hobby of yours, or is it your profession?

I thought McCain did better than he had in any past debates, and while he had once again started to close the gap, he did not do enough to take the lead.

All McCain can hope for now is the Bradley effect.

nbt said...

I'd love to see McCain come back after being written off by almost everyone, but the fact of the matter is they're right.

At least he can say he was the funniest at the roast last night.

atlanticaparty said...


We just linked to your blog in our new blog Avalon.