Friday, October 31, 2008

The death of anonymous posting

I have avoided this for over two years, but today I have turned off anonymous comments. I try to reply to every substantive comment made on this blog but there is no fun in having to respond to nonsense.


David Raymond Amos said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nbpolitico said...

David, I have deleted your post because, I have indicated to you numerous times before. Off topic posts will not stand.

Your post about the minister of justice and a government visitor to your blog has nothing to do with the topic of ending anonymous posting here.

David Raymond Amos said...

Liar it was not my blog I was pointing you to

David Raymond Amos said...

For the record this blog of yours is about the death of anonymous posting.

Whereas you are in fact anonymous what the Hell are you doing posting this???

Ihe point of my ethically stress testing you once again today besides the fact that your other noname cohort aka "nbt" loves to slander me in the Gyspy's blog was that despite how much you dudes hate me at least I do have a name and I only pointed to another blogger's work who also has a name while your "Blogger General" refused to name names just like he did in your beloved Irving news rags years ago. Get it arsehole?

Now go ahead and make this comment go "Poof" once AGAIN. as per usual I have already saved the webpage to prove your malice towards me in in court later anyway. After all you do lie about what I write and you did work with the Irvings against me as they tried hard to impeach my character for a little Correct?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

nbpolitico said...

Those comments are on topic David, so they will not be deleted.

I apologize for the error, I should have said "your post about the minister of justice and a government visitor to [some blog to which you have access to the visitors logs]".

Respecting anonymous, I mean the Blogger definition of anonymous. Anyone can comment on this blog anonymously, so long as they have a Blogger or OpenID login.

David Raymond Amos said...

Re the Demise of anonymous posting and the rise of twisted truths by anonymous administrators of questionable blogs.

FYI this is Right On Topic.

You must admit that I have not bothered trying to post anything in your blog for a very long time. Numerous times my arse we have only had one spit and chew that i recall unless of course you operate under blogger anonymous names as well which is a distinct possibility I might add.

Furthermore why should I write something just to watch it go "Poof" or worse yet watch you put a fraudulent negative spin on it like I am some sort of wacko like your many friends with nonames and Chucky Leblanc say that I am? If I wasted my time in such a fashion, methinks that I truly would be nuts just as your political lawyer hero T.J. Burke often falsely claims but seldom puts in writng. However I had to make a comment yesterday because your blog was such an oxymoron, I quite simply could not resist. I was not surprised to watch the comment go "Poof" I was a little surprised to see the second comment stand the test of time yet not surprised to see you twist the truth as ususal to suit your own malevolent ends. You want to make me seem to be crazy Correct?

As for your latest twisted truth, for the record everyone has access to the visitors logs of the blog that you don't want mentioned in your blog not just mean old me. Anyone can click on the sitemeter and you know it. If my assessment of your motives is incorrect then why did you state otherwise I must ask?

The other blog unlike yours is not run anonymously nor does he block anonymous comments. To me this blog of yours is like the old joke about not wanting to join a club that would have you as member. Whereas I have a nanme I felt I had the right have some fun at your expense and to comment about your confusion. You were just quick to prove to me once again that you are amongst the many noname dudes who hate me. Correct? Whether you answer me opr not rest aussured that I got a chuckle from your nonsense. I suspect that you hae had enough of the nasty Neo Cons torturing you too. Rest assured that they have not been nearly as bad to you as they have been to me and my kids. How could they you don't have a name Correct?

At least the blogger Danny Boy Fitzgerald unlike you and some of your blogger friends such as the Gypsy, the Spinks and nbt etc etc has a name just like T.J. Burke and Chucky Leblanc and even mean old me do. Danny Boy apparentely believed in free speech as much as I do until last week when he and your "Blogger General" T.J. Burke bit off a little more than they could chew as the fought over an email of mine. You did not want that little tidbit known to your readers Correct?

If not then go figure as I laugh as I watch Mr. Anonymous Administrator who does not wish to argue with his anonymous critics delete my words once again. At least I am not anonymous like you are EH?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

David Raymond Amos said...

I confess I am impressed.

While other bloggers such as Danny Boy Fitzgerald and the Gypsy are losing their integrity you found some. There is hope for you yet.

Why not ask me some tough questions about the emails I sent you???