Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Rod

Riding projection update

After talking it over with some folks and watching the coverage, I am now convinced that Rodney Weston will be a strong candidate for the Conservatives in Saint John. He has been campaigning quite effectively against the Liberal Green Shift plan, which would impose a carbon tax. Weston's argument is that the choice is between a new refinery and new jobs or a carbon tax and no new jobs.

The CBC the other day did a streeter and the folks they talked to were unanimously against the Liberals. Green Shift may be enough to shift the 4% away from Paul Zed that would give the Tories a win.

I am moving this from a leans Liberal hold to leans Conservative gain.


investing stock said...

thats amazing story.

Anonymous said...

I know Rodney Very well and Saint John would be wise to elect a smart man who really cares about this province. If saint john really wants to be the new energy hub you have to vote conservative or risk losing energy progects due to the Liberal's carbon tax

nuna d. above said...

The Liberals need to do a better job of explaining that the carbon tax is a magical tax that doesn't actually apply to oil refineries, farmers, the forestry industry, drivers, etc. If they can pull more people into their fantasy world, they will win the election.

Anonymous said...

Why do some find it so hard to understand that Stephen Harper's government is a one-man-show? Ask former Ministers Chong, Solberg,and Ambrose. Even if Rodney was half the hard-working MP that Zed is, he would get nothing done under Harper unless Harper personally wanted the project to go ahead! Easier said than done; McKay was not even able to deliver the promised Coast Guard ship contract before the election (in fact it waas cancelled all together)! Troop levels were not raised, as promised; and the increased police force promise was scaled back as well (probably because they ran out of money). So not even the most "conservative" of promises that would be good for a city like SJ were met. East Coast MPs cannot deliver under Harper.

David Raymond Amos said...

Perhpas folks should read other blogs and watch other Youtubes as well if they wish to be better informed EH?