Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So we're getting really close now. I am still confident on my lists posted ages ago. I posted McCain's veep possibilities back in February and Obama's in May, though I amended them slightly in early July. The only subsequent change is that Edwards should be, for obvious reasons, struck from the Obama list.

It looks like Obama will announce his pick tomorrow morning and McCain will on his birthday on August 29.

My top ranked pick since July 7 (and previously #2 pick), Kathleen Sebelius, has seen her name drop off of the radar but I do think she has a strong shot at being the pick. This thinking was reinforced by this tip I received today:


Text msg/email announcement at 7 a.m. Eastern, Wednesday.

Event in Wichita, Kansas at 8 a.m. local (9 a.m. Eastern). Wichita is the birthplace of Obama's mother.

Obama and Sebelius will then fly to Virginia for an event at 11:30 a.m. and proceed on a tour of red states that may swing to Obama including Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado.
What About Biden?

Anyone that reads this blog, knows that it is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Joe Biden. Unfortunately though, despite the hype, I don't think Biden is a likely pick. As I wrote in May:

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)
I am a big fan of Joe Biden. I think he would have been an excellent presidential candidate this year but his campaign was DOA. Those who argue Biden would make a good VP candidate for Obama cite his many years of experience. He was elected to the Senate in 1972 before turning the required-to-serve-age of 30. He was considered to be almost certainly the Secretary of State had John Kerry won in 2004. He has served as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and currenly serves as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. His plan to bring peace to Iraq has been lauded and was endorsed by a bipartisan super majority of the Senate. Some have even suggested, sort of sarcastically, that Obama needs a racist as a running mate and that Biden fits that bill from his comments about Obama when Biden entered the presidential race.

However, I don't think Biden is the right guy for Obama. Though he needs someone with experience, he needs it in the form of someone who can also be credibly billed as a "Washington outsider". Obama's whole campaign, particularly when postured against McCain, is that McCain has served in the Senate too long and is out of touch with America. Biden has served almost twice as long as McCain, so his candidacy would make no sense.
In any event, exciting political times these next few months. I'll try to ramp my posts back up to cover it.


Anonymous said...

Obama-Biden '08, it's official

Anonymous said...

If I were you... I'd stop making predictions ;-)

Fred said...

I concur.

nbt said...

I know you're a big Biden fan, however, I'm not exactly sure picking a running mate who got nine thousand votes as opposed to one that got 18 million is a solid decision strategically.

Plus, Biden is closer to McCain on foreign policy then he is with his potential boss. Although on domestic policy, Biden is a reliable tax-and-spend liberal whose positions will fit in just fine with the statist Obama.

Not to mention, when you think of Obama, he is so far outside the regular mold of past Presidents (young, black, funny name with a foreign—born father) that he needed somebody on the ticket that represented the bland, old style of Washington. And there is no question, Biden is that guy.

nbt said...

Oh btw, speaking of Obama, what do you think of my theory regarding the myth of an Obama bump for Dion?

nbpolitico said...

1. I agree, hence why I think it was a bad idea to pick Biden.

2. I agree, an Obama win would not help the Liberals in Canada. Those who think so have minds too simple to be permitted to comment.