Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama veep update 2

NBTaxpayer's pick, and my 4th ranked pick, Jim Webb has withdrawn his name from consideration.

So, to update, here is my current list:

1. Katherine Sebelius (moved up one due to Clark being dropped down)

2. Sam Nunn (moved up one due to Clark being dropped down)

3. Wes Clark (dropped from 1st)

4. Howard Dean (new addition)

5. Lincoln Chafee (no change)

6. John Edwards (no change)

7. Hillary Clinton (no change)

8. Blanche Lincoln (no change)

9. Evan Bayh (no change)


Anonymous said...

Sam Nunn was behind "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Gays hate him and are an important constituency in the Democratic Party, so I'd scratch him from the list.

nbt said...

Wow, that's surprising.

nbpolitico said...

About Nunn...

Anonymous said...

Controversial past statements on gays and women in the military are what really knocked Webb out of the VP race (his recent statements of non-interest were really just confirming that Webb was no longer in the running).

I think the same will be true for Nunn. Obama doesn't want to stir up any controversies with the Democratic base, be they women (in the case of Webb) or gays (in the cases of both Webb and Nunn).

Obama's the front-runner so far - so the "do no harm" principle of VP selection applies to him double. He doesn't want to mess up his advantages in this election with unnecessary controversy.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Edwards is out. :)

I think Hagel would be a great choice for Obama. It will never happen though.