Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A shocking statistic

We all know that Barack Obama has been picking up more than his fair share of the Black vote in most states but the results of the CNN exit poll in the deep south state of Mississippi give one pause:

Clinton takes 3/4 Whites and Obama takes 9/10 Blacks. A real stark contrast; one that makes me very grateful that (at least I'd like to think) we live in a country where racial tensions pale in comparison.


Anonymous said...

We haven't had a non-white as a serious contendor for Prime Minister yet.

nbt said...

African Americans have broken through the color barrier of their political system much more then African-Canadians, Haitian-Canadians and Jamaican-Canadians have in our country.

I had a conversation about this with a couple of friends who work for MPs in Ottawa (and are black) and believe the same to be true.

Although, they mentioned, as you did, that the divsions amongst blacks and whites in the US political system are much more pronounced. Although, on the flipside, it does mean that they get more funding and are better organized. Just look at the Democratic black caucus who organized and hosted a Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina. We have nothing that compares to that in Canada. Come to think of it, we barely debate three or four times prior to a party nomination.

Anonymous said...

The black-white divisions really seem to be starkest in the South, in the rest of the United States Obama does quite well among whites.

In Midwestern/Prairie states, which are 95%+ white, Obama has won. Same is true in Northestern states such as Vermont and Rhode Island and Western states such as Washington.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you put a bunch of mindless zombies in front of the TV which plays endless loops of white/black controversy around this election.

I'm not saying that these people aren't racist, I'm just saying they're too stupid to come up with it themselves.

nbpolitico said...

As of 2001 in Canada, all visible minorities put together amount to 13.4% of our population. The largest group is those of Chinese origin who make up 3.5%, followed by South Asians at 3.1% and Blacks at 2.2%.

As of 2000 in the United States, all visible minorities put together amount to 37.4% of their population. The largest group is Latino/Hispanic, making
up 12.5%, followed by Blacks making up 12.3% and all Asians making up 3.6%.

The comparison between Canada and U.S. is liking comparing apples and

Anonymous said...

still, the US is ahead of us in having a black man and a woman as leading contendors for the nomination of a major poltiical party.

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