Saturday, December 15, 2007

Its funny how history can repeat itself

It was late 2003 2007 and after leading in Iowa for months Dick Gephart Hillary Clinton, a moderate with strong labour support, has slipped into second place behind Howard Dean Barack Obama, a left-leaning progressive with little federal political experience who is gaining strong support online and among students. As a result, the tone of the campaign is quickly shifting from positive to negative with both top campaigns attacking each other more directly and aggressively every day.

Behind these frontrunners are a charming southerner named John Edwards John Edwards whose campaign has focussed almost wholly on Iowa and is routed in contrasting the class struggle; and John Kerry Joe Biden, a senator with many years of experience and a strong network of supporters and key endorsements despite being in the single digits of most polls.

Though the negative warfare between the two frontrunners may risk damaging them both it seems unlikely and we've seen before that the others could catch them.

Something to think about...


NB taxpayer said...

I think you should apologize to Joe Bidden for the lamentable comparison. He deserves better. lol

On a serious note nbp, that scenerio has legs, but I'm not certain it will be the candidate sitting where Kerry did who will benefit.

nbpolitico said...

Certainly I meant only to compare Biden to Kerry in the context of winning Iowa!!!!!!!!! The poor bastard, if he reads this without context he'll probably think I hate him ;)

Anyway, you are right, it would be Edwards who would (and according to my prediction, will) win, but I thought it was worth playing this scenario out.

That said, there is some chance that the Des Moines Register may endorse Biden (we'll find out tonight) and that could really change the equation.

Anonymous said...

Bidden's chances are limited despite his experience. Looks Hillary Clinton may make it despite set-backs. Then Obama may surpise us all. Edwards is a good fellow but a long shot.

Anonymous said...

As an initial Edwards supporter, I had come to the notion that this second run will be similar to Gephardt in 2004. He was angrier, but past his sell-by date. Democrats want a winner, not a working class hero.

Biden is running behind Richardson in Iowa.